Gone But Not Forgotten


Hi John

It is with much sadness that we write to tell you that our beloved Albert has passed away. He unfortunately lost his battle with cancer on Saturday.

Albert was our world, he made up our little family and will be very much missed not only by us but by his grandma and granddad too. Albert was a character, he wore his heart on his sleeve and was always so happy. He lived life to the full, enjoying many holidays and country walks. He had a huge appetite - not only for food but for life, everything was made into a game. You would never have known he was so poorly as he still enjoyed his walkies and playing games right up to the end. We hope he is now making new friends at Rainbow Bridge

Albert enriched our lives and we are heartbroken that he is no longer with us.


Alison and Paul



Hi John

Honey came to us from CAESSR in January 2012 (age 7) and soon became a well loved member of the family. A walk was not a walk without a muddy puddle where she would take great pleasure swishing around laughing at us!

She accompanied us to cricket matches to watch our son or daughter play.

At home, Honey liked to greet us with a slipper or shoe so we were forever chasing around looking for missing footwear. She loved to curl up on the sofa for a cuddle and a snooze or to watch Have I Got News For You on the t.v.

Over the last few months we noticed Honey slowing down and while we were away in the Lake District on holiday in February the vet called us to confirm she had Cushing's Disease. On our return home Honey began treatment but deteriorated quickly and unfortuately we had to say goodbye to her at the end of March 2015.

We have lots of photos of Honey from our last holiday with her. Lots of memories. She was a special girl and with us for only a short three years.

Gone from our sight, but never our memories,

Gone from our touch, but never our hearts.

Jacquie, Nigel, Josh & Esther


Dear John,

It's with great sadness and tears in my eyes that I am emailing to let you know that we had to have Scamp put to sleep yesterday.

He started with severe diarrhoea last Monday, over the week it got worse (to the point where he was passing only blood). We tried antibiotics and he deteriorated so stayed in the vets overnight on Friday. We brought him home Saturday. He wasn't himself, wouldn't eat anything at all (including roast chicken I’d cooked for him), he could barely walk and just lay in his bed staring into space. He wasn’t his usual happy self. He was the same yesterday and we felt it wasn’t fair on him as he was suffering. He'd had a lump on his good leg for the last six months, I’d been measuring it (as the vet had advised) and it had grown by 1 and a 1/2 cm. And he'd lost over a kilo in the last 6 weeks despite eating the same. We don't know for sure but both us and the vets suspect the lump was probably a cancer tumour but given he'd got muscle wastage from his knee problem there wasn't any point in doing tests to find that out as he couldn't have had his good leg amputated as wouldn't be able to stand and given his age, there seemed little point.

Scamp was such a lovely happy boy and had become a massive part of our family since last May when we fostered him. He was a delight to have, was great company for our dog Poppy and it was our absolute pleasure to give him a loving home. We are all very upset and missing him terribly.

Thank you for allowing us to foster him and I'm sorry to email with bad news,

Kind regards



Hi John

As you know Sadie had a mammary tumour and over the last few weeks it grew in size which was causing her some discomfort. We took her to the vet last Monday and after she was examined we were told that the tumour was affecting Sadie's respiratory system and her heart rate was very shallow. We were given three options

  1. To operate to remove the tumour but the vet didn't think that Sadie would recover from it,
  2. Give her antibiotics and pain relief but this would not cure her only make her comfortable,
  3. To have her put to sleep.

Sadie will be sorely missed as she became an integral part of our family, not least by our other cocker, Charlie. Although we only had Sadie with us for a little over three years we have many fond memories of her, like the first time we took her to the beach and she followed Charlie into a rock pool not realising how deep the water was, well at least we found out she could swim!! and how excited she got when she saw the caravan pull up outside the house meaning another weekend away.

In time we would like to offer another cocker a forever home.

Sherrie and Andy


09/01/2003 - 08/01/15

Stan came in to our lives in July 2004. He was 18 months old and a total hooligan. He had been in a cage for the best part of his young life. So there was a lot to do.

Initially Stan was our son's dog. Stan came to us every working day to be "dog-sat", along with our other dogs and he slotted in really well. A lasting memory is of him arriving at our house at 8 am riding "shot-gun" in the front of our son's partner's sports car, and dashing through the garden to collect his early morning treat.

He was famous for one special day—Stan was the model on top of their wedding cake — not the bride and groom — but a Springer Spaniel.

Stan came to live with us permanently when our first grandson was born. The last six years have been "interesting" — never a dull moment. Yes, Stan was a handful — a total Springer Spaniel. Prodigious food thief —spinning a pan of Spaghetti Bolognese over the hob and kitchen floor. Stan had quite a collection of incidents —too many to mention here — but one look from those big brown eyes was enough for him to be forgiven and he knew it. Despite his "challenging" behaviour we persevered with him and he did eventually calm down, especially as he grew older. Stan became a much loved and precious family pet. He was gentle and patient with the grandchildren and very loving to all he met. Stan returned all the work we all put in with him during those first few years a thousand fold - he will be a hard act to follow.

Stan passed away suddenly in the early hours of 08/01 — the day before his 12th birthday. We are totally bereft. Stan was a huge part of all our lives — OUR VERY OWN "STRONG-MINDED" BUT "DARLING BOY."

Norma, David and Philip and B Edwards

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