Gone But Not Forgotten


Sorry to tell you that we had to have Lucy put to sleep today. It looks like she had another stroke earlier in the week and another last night. Old girl would not give up but she couldn’t eat or drink. Not a hard call in the end but by Christ she hung on.

As you can imagine Mary and I are absolutely battered and numb so I will give you a ring when we can.

You didn’t know at the time but you gave us so much when you asked us to look after Lucy and Sadie. What a pair, What an act!

John and Mary


Our beloved Oscar went to sleep last night after being diagnosed with Lymphoma. He had a fair amount of chemotherapy which he was ever so good with. Our vet, Sam was always pleased to see him. We would turn up weekly and Oscar would walk in give his paw which Sam would shave then he'd be given the Chemo without any problems and half hour later he'd get a treat. Oscar would always remain at the vets for most of the day due to blood tests and receive lots of petting from the staff.

Mark and I were the ones which knew that his treatment was just to make him feel better as there is no cure for the form of Lymphoma which he had. Oscar just thought he was having a day out.

Oscar had a fab time with us (11 Months) we adopted him at 5 years old. He loved his long walks, treats and cuddles.He had a wonderful singing voice and listened to every word you said.

We have enjoyed looking after Oscar and he will always have a special place in our hearts and will always be in our thoughts.

You haven't lived life to the full unless you've been a dog owner x

Ashleigh and Mark x

DYLAN (was Darth)

Dear John,

As soon as you brought Dylan out he ran in the wrong direction, but eventually he came to us and sat directly on my daughter’s knee. I think that was when we fell in love with him. We could have taken him home straight away. When we picked him up from the vets, after his dental work, we thought he might be a bit subdued... but he was very lively and ready to pull us up the road to the car.

He was adventurous, playful and always had his nose to the ground following a scent which often landed him in some of the smelliest mud you can imagine. He didn't learn that this would result in him having a bath.

He often chased the chickens but when he'd 'caught' them, he didn't quite know what to do with them, so just nudged them along the ground with his nose.

Whilst we loved him dearly, he wasn't perfect. He liked to protect me (or a sock, or a shoe, or a blanket), quite fiercely sometimes, but it was only the other dogs he was protecting me from... the cat and humans were ok, apparently.

He was always the first face at the back door when I came home from work, and always brought me a 'present' (a shoe, or a towel or whatever was available) and raced round the garden with it.

The day we lost him was heart-breaking, and I'll always miss that funny little face at the window.



Hi John,

I just want to let you know that Boris is gone. He recovered and healed very well after the surgery and he enjoyed few weeks collar free with no pain. He had blood test done three weeks ago or there abouts as the pre-op bloods showed that his kidney were poorly. Last blood test showed that even with the tablets it is not getting any better but Boris was symptom free and in no pain.

In past few days he deteriorated further and this morning was very poorly. He wouldn't eat or drink, he was very weak and lethargic. We took him to vets, luckily the vet on call was Boris's vet. She had taken some bloods and the kidneys were very poorly, his heart rate was very high, and the blood test showed some changes to the liver now. It was lost battle but the only good outcome is that he no longer suffers. He lost a lot of weight in past few weeks and it was heartbreaking seeing him fading away.

But he is in a better place now...we just need to deal with it now, it is so awful without him.

Anyway I thought you ought to know.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity of having such a great dog, so loving and loyal. We will always remember our Boris-ky.

Kasia and Sean Doran



Safi was 1 of 9 pups from Mali (mum) & Becks (dad), we decided to keep one of the pups as she was the one that seemed to be more attached to her parents. Unfortunately circumstances meant I left Becks to go to another home and shortly after Mali went too, distraught as i was I sooner knew that it would not be long before i had to let Safi go.

She was looked after by a couple in Bristol who had two other springs called Izzy & Tweed, against all rules they allowed us to continue seeing Safi when we could. She was so happy and i was made up that she had the run of conservation area and two friends to keep her company, unfortunately on the 27th November 2011 i got a phone call to say she had gone missing on one of her run abouts, despite posters and a lot of people trying to look for her she didn't turn up. I got a phone call a week later and a day after my Dad's funeral to say she'd been found by the railway tracks. The light in my heart faded to lose so much in such a short time. There is never a day that I wish i was with her, She was so lively and loved children and running free. I cannot ever thank my new friends for giving her a new and happy life, she was 2 weeks away from her 4th birthday. Words can never express how she brought happiness and joy into the lives of everyone who met her.

My son Sacha gave her a nickname "Safwaf" which she had from about 6 months. Safi loved her cuddles and would often sit next to me with her head resting on my lap cos she loved her back rubs, there is never a day that I wonder what she's doing probably chasing all the other springers up there. I really hope that when it's my time that there is a chance I will see everyone I've lost and my little Safi..Never Ever Forgotten, and Always in My Heart !

People who have never owned a dog will miss the unconditional love and friendship that they bring to our lives, to all on here that have lost their springer or cocker, I sympathise with your loss and know how you feel !


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