Hi there Ian,

Harvey is a smashing dog and has settled right in. He was off lead the second day on the chase and trying to go after the ducks on the canal. For a spaniel he cant swim very well. He still has the one track mind. Whistle and call and it will be when Harvey gives up that he hears my commands. He does however really like a warm towel off after a long walk and a back scratch before curling up for a nap.

A smashing dog with a soft temperament, excellent with others (apart from annoying puppies where he stays clear of sharp teeth). I take him to the pub where he always tarts himself out to whoever will give him fuss.

Glad I contacted CAESSR and gave him a chance as a great companion for me and so far working of the exercise has lost me 1/2 stone already.



Dear All,

We've realised we have reached the one month mark and thought you might like an update.

Karen's input was invaluable over the first couple of weeks, so thank you again for that. Once we were able to let them off the lead by the second weekend things got better again. Watching Alfie / Rocky's total pleasure in being able to run at speed is a sight to see! He has been so much more relaxed since we were able to take him off the lead, which has been lovely for all of us. They are getting between 2 -3 hours exercise a day, and Alfie is definitely happier for it. Peggy....not so bothered!

They are both eating well and, we hope, looking well. We think Alfie may have put on a tiny bit of weight, though there is still some way to go. He does seem to run on adrenaline though, so probably not an easy process. Coats and eyes looking good on both of them and both still moving well, though I think Alfie feels it a little if he does too much running about.

We are really delighted to report that Alfie seems to be less grumpy with Peggy. We can't say he really likes her yet but he is managing whole weeks at a time without feeling a need to make a stand - and in the last couple of weeks we have also been able to spend evenings with all four of us watching television in the room that Alfie originally thought was just for him and us!

On a more challenging note, Alfie made a dive for our bed (we've tried to keep him out!) a couple of days ago and growled when we finally managed to move him. Given his recent history we are a bit wary about this, so we are aiming to keep the discipline and make sure the bedroom is off limits to both of them.

Overall however we are really pleased with how things are going and hope we can make some more progress over the next month.

Thank you again for your help so far and for giving us time to get to know Alfie better.

Best wishes

Anneli and Phil


Dear Di,

A quick update on how Peggy has been since we had her - for your information and also in case you wanted / needed to report back to her former family.

She is dear girl! She sat to attention next to me all the way home, even though she was very tired by the time she got there. I am sure she is finding things strange but she seems surprisingly laidback and she isn't showing any obvious signs of distress and is eating well. She quickly decided that under the kitchen table was one good spot, so she has a mattress under there and we have wrapped that in her blanket from home. She is being very thorough about smelling every possible nook and cranny, either in the house, the garden or out on walks. She has been a bit "take it or leave it" about chasing a ball in the garden, but is well up for puppy bouncing about if I am prepared to do it too!

She has been very sociable with everyone / dog we have met on walks, though she looks like she might prefer to leap up at passing cyclists, which we will have to watch! She seems to be very talkative and has a variety of conversational wuffs and noises....not all of which I think we are translating correctly at the moment. First thing in the morning she would rather sit by the food cupboard than go out in the garden, but I think this morning she realised the food would come quicker if she went into the garden first! She is becoming increasingly playful and I hope we can introduce her to my mother's two dogs in the next few weeks as at least one of those would be glad to have someone else to play with.

She has obviously been very well loved and brought up and we are very grateful that you allowed us to have her. She is a lovely, lovely girl and Phil is smitten!


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