Good to hear from you, we’re all fine thanks.

Jakey has settled in very well indeed with us and he enjoys his daily walks, playing with the ball and exploring the Yorkshire countryside as often as he can. He never seems to tire out, always wanting more play!

Jakey is a very handsome dog and often gets comments to that effect from people who meet him. Out and about he is no trouble at all, getting on with other dogs and people alike.

When we first got Jakey he was a little overweight, around 19kg. We spent several months trying to get his weight down to around 15-16kg where he is now, with the advice of the vet nurse. Being a very active, working dog, he is always using energy (he hardly ever stands still) - this mean’t we've actually ended up needing to feed him much more food than would be normal for a dog of his weight, just to keep the weight on!

Jakey is a very affectionate, submissive dog and is lovely to be around, he likes to curl up next to us on the sofa or roll around on the floor wanting to be tickled. He does like to lick and jump up at visitors, which is something we are trying to change. When we first met him, he was quite boisterous (we remember that’s how you described him), but he has calmed down quite a bit now, while still being very energetic. We make sure we let him know that he is not the "pack leader".

Maybe you watch ‘The Yorkshire Vet” on Channel 5? Well, that is the vet we use (Skeldale) and Jakey made a very brief appearance on the Christmas special, much to our great amusement. The short clip featured him wearing his neck collar, so was actually recorded back in September, so quite odd really.

best wishes

Jerry and Lisa


Hi Ian and Di,

We welcomed Dizzy into is new home last Tuesday, He is settling in really well, lots of hugs and loving is big garden, just sending you a few pictures of Dizzy.

Kind regards

Elaine and Terry


Dear Di

A quick update on Dexter who came to live with us on 1st April - I just wanted to let you know how well he is doing.

He has really settled in well now - doing 3 half hour walks each day, meeting lot of other dogs en route - such a sociable boy! We make very good use of the hills and his glutes and hamstrings are building up well!

I have been doing some clicker "training" with him - he absolutely loves being asked to do things and to problem solve - what will get him the click and treat that goes with it, so offers my lying down, sit, stepping backwards ... Recalls on walks are excellent - I am careful to ask only when he is likely to want to come back but we are well away from any traffic so he is very safe. And I always reward him for a good one.

He has had a full wash and haircut at our local groomer - he was a bit fed up by the time his feet were being done, so we went back a few weeks later for "foot practice" - he was brilliant and allowed the groomer to clip between toes and between pads with no argument at all - and it only took 10 minutes, which I think he found easier. So we have another foot only groom planned for 3 weeks and then a full clip 3 weeks after that.

So far he has had a weekend away in a Travelodge with walks on the beach - and he behaved beautifully. As I write this, Dexter is comatose on the sofa having had his supper.

He is much loved, valued and appreciated.

Best wishes,


Hi Ian,

just thought I'd let you know how well Misty nee Olive has settled in her new home.

It's a week tomorrow since we welcomed her into our family and its as if she's always been here. She soon discovered where the treats were kept is fascinated by our pool.

Misty follows her new big brother, Merlin, around everywhere, is given him a new lease of life, Merlin is 10 and was feeling down since the loss of his litter sister 3 months ago, Misty has certainly bucked him up.

Everyone who meets her falls in love, she's such a sweet, funny, beautiful little girl, thank to everyone at CAESSR for allowing us to share our lives with her.

Kindest regards

Williams family


Hi John

Just an update with the present situation with William (now renamed Harvey ).

I am delighted to be able to say after the somewhat shaky first few days, he has made huge improvements, moreover Charlie has now accepted this scamp and vice versa. While there’s still some way to go yet and we do have to put both in separate rooms when feeding, once the food situation is over , they are very friendly towards each other, however, Charlie is of the old school and prefers to chill on occasion, Harvey is all play and wants to engage his playful nature at full steam.

He’s slowly trying to rearrange his sleeping quarters, If he doesn’t like the spot we pick for him he’ll drag his bed to a suitable position and then rest.

We have also had to rearrange our wardrobe So to speak where footwear is concerned, Doesn’t chew them thankfully but loves to hide them. He still has a passion for toys and remarkably likes plastic empty bottles and whenever Charlie has one he likes nothing more than to sneak up and pinch it.

He’s certainly a lively character so with all his faults and personalities, he has finally found the forever home now and we are privileged to share our lives with him.

If you would be kind enough to convey the message to his previous owners that he will be loved and cared for in his new forever home.

Warmest regards

Julie, Paul, & Charlie.


Hi Ian,

just wanted Digbys old owner to know that he is settling in so well.


He loves my children and their friends, he loves the fields that back on to our home and most of all he loves barking at the cat that comes into our garden!


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