Hi Di, Ian and John

Just a progress report and I’ll send a couple of photos in separate emails.

After the disruption of 3 days in a flat with no garden and 2 days travelling, during which she was brilliant, Eva is now in her new home. She is settling well, though of course it will take time for her to feel really at home. The information from the previous owner has been invaluable, particularly her words for commands, and she has obviously been well cared for and trained. She loves going to the lake, and today we went up into the mountains to get away from the heat.

I will give you more news soon.

Elaine and Clive



Hi John

I just wanted to let you know that Snoop is doing well and we have had no more biting incidents to date.

He is settling down and gaining confidence daily - i have also taken him to training classes once a week and am working on his recall

He is still nervous around brooms and sticks but I am sure in time he will over come this

He is good with other dogs and children and I have no real cause to be concerned but am watchful

He is very possessive of me at the moment but again in time I think that will calm down
He loves a swim and after the rat bait incident has settled with his food better!

He is a lovely handsome and loving dog and I am very happy with him - I have had a couple of telephone sessions with the dog behaviourist and have implemented all her suggestions which appear to have made a difference

The key seems to be to keep his mind active and with the training sessions and practiciing training each day as well as his Gong ( filled with buscuits ) it seems to be doing the trick !

If you need to know anymore please just let me know ?
Kind regards Cherie and Snoop


Hi John

Thought I would give you all an update on Rupert. As I am writing he is sound asleep having just returned from a camping trip to Tiree and Mull. We’ve been away for 17 days and he has been great, as he always is.

He is glad to be back for today as it is his Flyball training day and he meets up with his pals. He is getting better at bringing the ball back and has even been part of a beginners team at an event in Cheshire.

He also does agility and has been to some competitions however, he likes the judges sandwiches more than the jumps and he tries to steal them??? .

He really saves to be enjoying life as I am with him.

Thank you for letting be part of my family.



Hi Di,

Just to keep you up to date, Molly has now been groomed she had to be close clipped due to matted hair underneath and on her ears, and visited vets today for check up and to start her vaccinations again, as the others had lapsed.

Both Lucy & Molly get on well and no skirmishes as yet.



Hi guys,

Just to let you know that Rivo(now Ben) has settled in beautifully and no issues with Jessie our other springer. He is our first rescue dog to come to us without any issues, He is with us permanently. Ben likes the woods, balls and walks


keith,Jude and Andrea


Hi John and Mrs Harrison

Thought you might like an update on Dora (Maisie) as it is now 3 weeks that Dora has been with us.

She continues to do amazingly well. She now loves swimming and all walks are off lead, other than down the lane as we do get the occasional tractor/car passing. She loves to run but always keeps us in sight, running back and forth to us. It is a joy to see her so happy. We have walked her very near sheep and whilst she noticed them she was far more interested in her ball!

Dora has settled into a routine and is very expectant after breakfast as she knows that she will be going for a walk. She still gets 'spooked' by some things, and we are slowly helping her overcome her wariness of things like the hoover. She continues to be brilliant with our cats and our dogs and the cats are totally relaxed around her. She is excellent in the car and settles and sleeps like a log all night in our bedroom......and didn't bat an eyelid at some heavy thunder the other night.

As she is now much more settled and bonded with us we took her to the vet for a check up yesterday. All seems well with her and I am pleased to report that she has lost 1.2kg and is now 23.9. We still have a long way to go but she is steadily getting fitter and slimmer..

Will keep you posted on her progress.

Best wishes

Inga and Robin


Hello Di,  as promised - an update about Rosie.

She has settled in very well and everyday she is more relaxed.   She now has a basket full of toys to play with and a bed in our kitchen.  She likes exploring our garden and has found a few favourite shaded places to sit.   

In the house she has been very well behaved, no accidents, and finds her way to the garden when she has needed to toilet - which is fine with us.

She has eaten well, we kept her on Purina - with some salad snacks in the day.  

Two walks of 30 minutes are plenty for her, especially in the heat. She is good on the lead,  stays close to us off it and has good recall - especially for a little dog-treat.   Although generally unconcerned by other people and dogs while walking, she has barked at other dogs a couple of times.  That’s a work in progress, we think.     

We have activated the Pet Plan free month and introduced her to our vet.  We applied flea treatment last week and will worm her on Monday.

Kind regards, Ed & Alli

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