To all at CAESSR

Thank you.

The dogs are settling more and more everyday, Oscar is very much at home here and turns into a puppy again when we go down to the stream.

Millie still has a tummy upset, but I think she's getting better.

The cats are hanging on in there, Jake particularly likes coming with us for our walks and neither of them have shown any inclination to chase him or Travis.

Thank you for the opportunity to give Oscar and Millie a new home.

Kind regards



Hello to all at CAESSR, including Anne at Beech Kennels.

I was going to wait a few days to give an update on Rory, the red cocker, who we adopted last Saturday.

However, I feel I need to say that he is a remarkable dog even before I write this.

Rory was so calm and self assured when he entered our house with four older, established Spaniels, that they accepted him without any pecking order or pack troubles.

On his first few countryside walks he has taken like a duck to water including going in the water.

He has established a great friendship with Charlie, our three year old Springer, and is mainly out in front with him on our long country walks.

He loves his food and eats his meals alongside the other four with no fuss.

I rate his recall as good to very good. He responds to my whistle and, more astonishingly, my dog whistle almost immediately.

He is inquisitive and interested in and around his new home and out in the countryside which portrays an intelligent dog.

Rory is the seventh rescue Spaniel we have adopted and is, by far, the easiest we have ever re-homed.

I have to put this down to the fact that his previous owners have loved and cared for Rory extremely well but, most importantly, they have given him the respect he deserves.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt a beautiful dog who will be a great companion, both to us and our other dogs, and give us many years of pleasure.


Noel, Sue and Niall


Hi Di and Ian
Just a thank you for finding us our little companion Teddy.
He has settled in with us with no problems at all and we love him to bits.
He loves his walks his food and especially his bed and everyone else loves him.
He is friendly with other dogs and is a pleasure to have.
Thanks again for finding him for us.

Les &Maureen


Hello Karen

Thought you’d like to a photo of Morgan on our walk up Bosley Cloud last week. You might be familiar with it as it is getting closer to your neck of the woods. We have been letting him off in Tatton Park for over 6 months now and the whistle training is going well there. But take him somewhere new …. !!!! … the springer instinct takes over and he is off into the undergrowth doing his own thing. All I can say is we didn’t lose him up the Cloud and he does return to the whistle .. eventually. We have not been able to interest him in a toy that will be more important to him than country smells, but he does enjoy a game after his dinner. I’m sure when he came to us he had no idea how to play. He is such a happy chap now.

Thanks for the help and encouragement you gave. Tell you clients never to give up!

Don’t forget, if you ever bring your dog(s) to Tatton for a run do get in touch.




Hello to everyone at CAESSR,

Rocky has been with us for just over a week now and he has settled in wonderfully. The training and love that his previous family gave to him has obviously helped with that immensely, and we couldn't thank them enough. It must have been the hardest decision to re-home Rocky but we would like them to know that his is doing exceptionally well and is loved and cared for.

Over the past week or so he has been treated to 3 walks a day, mostly in the countryside or at the park, and has even joined us on our runs (which he is very good at). We even let him off the lead for the first time yesterday and he definitely knew who to come back to, even on our run this morning he was off the lead and didn't leave my side.

Rocky has successfully ripped apart three tennis balls, two ducks and a rope, but his Kong has been safe. A doggy friend, Mylo, shared his Kong tennis ball with Rocky and he hasn't managed to rip it to pieces as of yet. We will definitely be investing in some sturdier toys in the future.

You would never know that he's twelve years old as he still has so much bounce. We will keep you updated with his progress. For the meantime here are some pictures of Rocky's first week.

Thank you to everyone at CAESSR for their dedication.

Warm wishes,

Catherine and Rob


Hi Di, Ian, John & The rest of the Team

Apologies for the delay in writing – we have been so busy with the arrival of Frankie (formally known as Gilly) 10 weeks ago.

Just want to thank all at CAESSR for giving us the opportunity to find Frankie - He is settling in very well with us and his new friend Ozzie (our Labrador). We walk 2 or 3 times a day, his favourite being a walk in the woods where he can go off the lead. Although his recall is much better he does return to us via the scenic route, of course!. Still pulls like a tank at the start of a walk so sometimes we use a ‘Halti’ collar which really helps. He is very loving and likes to greet us with a toy or a shoe hoping that we will play – he already knows how to work us with those big beautiful eyes.

The only negative is his obsession with birds but he is learning slowly that they are not his toys. Frankie is now clipped as he was struggling with the heat - both Frankie & Ozzie like nothing better on a sunny day than jumping in their paddling pool splashing about to keep cool. Just back from a camping trip which he thoroughly enjoyed, even made friends with another Cocker and a Ridgeback.

So a huge thank you to all concerned – Frankie is just the loveliest little dog who is much loved (and spoilt) by both of us in his new forever home.

We shall keep you updated on his progress!

Brian & Debbie


Hello Ian, Di, John & Ann
Hope you're all doing well and congrats for doing a good job. We found an absolute treasure from you in 2013, he has a wonderful character and personality, friendly but always barking first at visitors - letting us know - but soon with the head under their hands making a fuss and him loving it. He does have his faults, stealing veg from the rack, socks from the washing machine, paper, anything soft and when he comes back from a walk, returns with something in his mouth i.e sticks, fruit!! or even a child's ball he found in a driveway!! Finders keepers? Spaniels eh.

I wrote last time saying we had cut his food down and he was carrying his empty bowl around in protest, he has now resorted to providing his own meals as (hopefully) the att. photo's will show. The poor rabbit didn't stand a chance, it was only young, the adults got away as we were returning from our lake walk to the car. Luckily the egg carton was empty (I think he would have been sick if eaten the lot!) but his favourite veg are carrots. I have to hide them.

Jamie Jamie

I bought a dog grooming kit and when first used, he was calm with it, low noise, and I could finish the job. It was needed. He wouldn't have won anything at Crufts and never get a girlfriend but was more comfortable afterwards. Good job he doesn't have a mirror. It does however give me a better chance of finding ticks that he seems to send out invitations to and being here for the summer in rural France with the many animals on farms and family fields and long grassed areas it is difficult. Thank you for the producers of Tick Twister.

He travels everywhere with us, have been to pet friendly hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants & plenty of walks around lakes, he loves being in there but not in the rain (whats that all about?), fields and woodland tracks.

Best wishes for the future and thanks again for Jamie.

Jennifer, Joseph & Jamie

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