Hi Ian,

Monty is doing ok, we are all still getting used to each other but he is a quick learner and is learning to do things our way. He is now getting used to being left for a couple of hours and no longer barks or whines, we were told this by our neighbour as they thought we no longer had him as they didn't hear him.

He had a problem with food aggression, but is now getting better with this, when he his eating his food we take it off him, so he is learning now not to growl when we go near him. We're still training him on his recall, because when he sees other dogs he does not come back when we call him, however is getting a bit better but think that is going to take a little bit longer.

He now knows the word BED and knows to lie on it when we go out which is great. I think that is about all I can say for now, so just let his owners know he is doing great and he still carries his toy duck around.




Just to let you know Maisy has settled in really well, and it feels as if she has always been with us! She and Bruno get on together and have had no problems at all. Photo of them together attached.

Thank you for allowing us to give her a new forever home, we really love her and hope you or Di can let her previous owner know she is happy.

Many thanks to the Rescue.

David and Deidre


Dear John

We have had Cooper a week now and he has settled in brilliantly.

He is a gorgeous dog so beautiful with a great temperament. He has really bonded with all of us and loves our daughter Evie. He is enjoying lots of walks everyday over the fields and spending time in the garden. In the evenings he loves to cuddle up on the sofa with us.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give him a home, we are looking forward to many happy years with him.



Hi Di,

After only a week, it feels like Ruby has always been here! She is so affectionate and so much fun! She loves the children and they adore her (she wakes them up in the morning by jumping on them and licking their faces!). She gets on well with Freddie and if she gets too excited he talks to her and calms her down.

She's been to Wales today where she's been swimming and sniffing and she's now asleep on the sofa with her head on Tony's lap!
We feel so lucky to have her. She's perfect for us!

Thank you so much.

Tony Caza and Paula


This Millie in her new home. What a character and a thief !

We love her to death.
Daryn and jo


Hi, all,

I hope you're well and that CAESSR continues to do the good work - I keep seeing lovely dogs come up on your web site, but I think we have enough at present! I had promised Di I'd send an update and some photos of Chester (was Winchester) - almost inevitably, that's taken far longer than I expected, but here it is:

Time flies! We've now had Chester for six weeks and, from the start, it's seemed as if life is just one big adventure for him. A typical Spaniel, he seems to have boundless energy. He has been on two hikes with me so far, the last one having been 14 miles and quite a bit of uphill, but it seemed like he could have done the whole thing over again - unlike me!

He and our old Labrador, Samson, went on holiday with us recently, touring Scotland and both had a blast. At 14 years old, Samson doesn't move too fast these days, but Chester made up for that, running about on the beaches and through the countryside - especially if there is a ball to be chased! Boy, does he love a tennis ball - or any kind of ball. In fact, the only thing better than chasing a ball is chasing a ball in water. Chester's recall is superb, his heel work is coming along and he is starring at the obedience classes I've been taking him to. I think he just wishes Samson would play a bit more, but the old boy needs plenty of sleep - unlike Chester, apparently! Overall, though, Chester is settling in very well and seems happy enough doing his Spaniel 'thing' in his new home. Thank you for bringing this new boy into our lives!

I've attached a few photos which you are welcome to use on the web site if you wish. Keep up the good work.

All the best



Hi John

Just thought I would drop you an email regarding Poppy.
We have been so lucky to have her in our lives.She is a treasure so well behaved.

She has been off the lead already. The notes you gave us from the owners also told us her birth date so today was her second birthday.
As you can see we have celebrated this with her and have been to football tonight,so she is now tired and sleepy.
Thought you would like an update, we owe so much to her previous owner and your good selves.




Hi John

I am sorry that it has taken so long for me to contact you. I did speak to Diane a few months ago but things have been a bit difficult here and time flies by doesn't it?

At Christmas, just 2 weeks after the mad box of frogs came to live with us, we both contracted an awful flu type cough which stayed with us until the middle of February so the going was slow with Miley. My Mum also passed away early May, which has also been a very difficult time. I think we have done very well considering.

As you probably noticed she was always on 2 legs when trying to take her for a walk, so my first wish was to get her to walk on the lead. I tried every halti, harness, magic trick etc but all seem to fail.

Well since then we have come a long way. She has to walk on a figure of eight, slip rope lead, which is the cheapest but for Miley and me, the most effective. She still tries to take off the nose piece but is a thousand times better all round.

I can walk both of my dogs together without too much trouble now. I take Miley to training in a field with a group where she is doing quite well but lacks concentration for longer than half and hour tee hee. That is every other Saturday morning and the other class is in an equestrian center with about 20 dogs every Monday evening. I have to have my wits about me where Miley is concerned anyway, but in this class we are working quite close to the other dogs. Some times she is quite good but other times I want to run away and not go back. It is so hot in the huge barn and working with her she makes me so hot I am constantly wiping my brow from sweat and tears.

She is a clever dog and I wonder just, what did she fail at as a sniffer dog, it would be very interesting to know. She will hunt the garden until she finds her beloved tennis balls for which she is a bit, to say the least very possessive over.

It is almost 9 months since she came to live with us and has now really settled into out routines so that we both know each other quite well. She works out what is happening without telling or showing her. She knows that when Mum gets up really early and feeds us, that she is going doggy training. The excitement is high, she sings all the way there which ever training we are going to and sleeps all the way home. Bless her.

She is a character and has been really hard work but is really paying off now. We have been to a couple of local shows to get her used to crowds, dogs etc and people always notice her and want to make a fuss of her. I feel sad sometimes because she has always watched a lot of tv with me and soon stops to look if she hears babies or children on tv and when we are out. She once got quite hysterical by yelling when a young couple pushed a pram along with a baby crying. I wondered if she thought it was one of her previous family's babies and was worried about it. They can't tell you what they remember can they?

She gets on well with our other two dogs but they cannot have any balls about of any description as this causes instant battles. The only toy that is hers and no one else is interested in so she can have that all day is a yellow, quite heavy type of a large ball with open sections and is made of rubber. she loves it and plays for ages throwing it over her back, tossing it here and there. She also hangs it from her bottom jaw letting it swing, she is such a funny character with lovely eyes.

We have had lots of tussles over putting leads on or grooming etc but when we went to the vets for vaccination I asked the vet Emma to cut her nails for me, well it took all of our strength plus one other nurse to succeed, she was wagging her tail the whole time. She isn't frightened, just makes everything into a game.

About 2 months ago I let her off on a local moorland in a quiet spot and when my daughter was with me with her dogs, they were on a lead. We waited silently for her to come back, with panic setting in me, it was only 5 minutes or less but all of a sudden I saw a magpie and a crow take off and thought, I wonder if Miley is behind them, and sure enough she was on their trail until she spotted us, she left her feathered friends and came to me. Wonderful.

Well that was 2 months ago so yesterday i took her to a different spot on that moorland and with my old Springer Maysie who is fourteen and a half now and a bit deaf so she stayed on the lead, It was very quiet so I let Miley off. She was very good and came to my call and my whistle. I put her back on lead for a while and tried it twice more. It worked very well so now we can go on further experimenting walks to meet other dogs off lead. We even met cows and calves yesterday while she was on lead. She just walked passed with no trouble, although we have cows at the bottom of our garden now, but she is unsure of them. So we have lots of hurdles still to try.

Sorry to go on as I am known to do but needed to do a catch up to you. Please give Diane my best wishes. I have attached a couple of photos and will send more at a later date.

All the very best



Hello to Diane the team.

We're getting in touch to first of all thank you for making the rehoming process possible and simple for us but most of all for finding Murphy the perfect home so quickly.

To Lucy and partner
Thank you for your updates on Murphy it really means alot to us to know that he's with another loving family. The process of deciding to rehome Murphy was painstaking but we're so happy he's doing well and settling in. Enjoy your new days with Murphy, we hope that he brings you joy.

Best wishes

Craig and Sarah

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