Hi Di and Ian,

I thought I'd update you on Hawk's progress, just in case his previous owner still thinks about him.

Chewie (still officially Hawk) has been with us for almost four months now and is a star! He settled in really quickly but found having more freedom rather daunting to start with. He's cheeky, funny and lives life to the full. He loves being with the other dogs and they do everything together. He's first in the dinner queue and carries his dish around for extras. We have a resident hedgehog and he subjects it to football whenever he can; he stalks the squirrels and he has staring competitions with next door's cat when it sits on the fence. He looked like a ragamuffin when we got him, so he is being groomed every three months so that he looks beautiful and glossy.

He's adores the grand-children and will sit with them for a cuddle or to be brushed. He's good at finding them when they play hide and seek, retrieves anything they put down or just runs crazily with them. He's spent most of the summer in Norfolk with us and seems to adapt to new situations and places easily.

Our vet thinks that he will need medication in the winter for his arthritic legs (the knuckle joints) and so we try to give him gentle walks, although he walks for an hour each morning. Most evenings will find him snoring in his donut bed or cuddled up with one of us on the sofa.

Although we weren't looking for another dog as you know, he has brought us all much pleasure. He is living out his twilight years in luxury and we wouldn't be without him. We still can't believe how someone could have parted with him because he is so beautiful, but we are pleased that we gave him a new life.

Best wishes from us all,
Jane,Mike,Obi Luna and Chewie


Hi John

Its been 2 years this week since we brought Marley home from you. As he was such a difficult boy to start with, I thought it would be nice to let you know how well he has now settled. Marley is still a very frightened dog, the slightest noise or unusual object makes him very wary. He now lets people that he knows through the front door !! others he has not met before it takes a little longer. He has settled so well into our daily routines and to be honest we don't know we have him. At first he wouldn't touch any toys and didn't know what to do with a ball, now he loves to play with all his toys. He is very contented and we don't hear a peep from him at night. He has a built in alarm clock of 6 o'clock most mornings and waits at the bottom of the stairs until we come down and then goes round and round in circles, so glad to see us. We invested in a figure of 8 lead as we tried everything to stop him pulling our arms off and this works well for him and he loves his walks, however he will not settle in the car which makes it difficult to travel its non stop barking all the way !! He is such a loyal and affectionate boy and doesn't move far from my side. In fact he is asleep next to me now.


We found it difficult to get him groomed to start with as he wouldn't let anyone near him, to the extent that they refused to even try. So we bought ourselves a dog grooming kit and we now do it ourselves. He lies there, even falling asleep he's so chilled out until we have finished, he loves being pampered.

We are so fortunate that he came to spend his life with us and we would not change a thing about him, we absolutely adore him

I have attached a few pictures of how well and happy he is.

Janice and Paul


This is Ace who we picked up from her foster home a few days ago.She is living on borrowed time as she has cancer. At the moment she is pain free thanks to pain killers and CAESSR.

When she arrived she was very shy and unsure. She is starting to come round and trust us. She has even started to play with a tennis ball which is lovely to see.

Thanks to the rescue we are going to give Ace a full and happy life for how ever long she has left.


Hi Ian & John,

We will shortly have had Stan for a year; a year that has gone very quick indeed. However, I thought you would like to know that Stan has settled in very well and we have no issues with him. In fact, he is a very loving dog who enjoys his walks and of course food being a spaniel!

Last week we spent some time on our narrowboat and I thought I would share a picture with you.

Kind regards.




I thought that you may like an update on Lucy. She has had her initial post op check and is for her 2nd check on Monday. I have insured her through Petplan and you should get a donation and also I have taken out a "care plan" for her with the vet - so she will get all her routine vaccinations and worming, fleaing automatically. The vet is very happy with her and thinks she is a lovely dog.

On advice, she is still only allowed to do 15 minute walks - so I take her out 4 times a day. Her pulling on the lead is gradually getting better. When I started to take her out, she barked (not aggressively) at all other dogs but again that is steadily improving as she improves her social skills - she carries a stick when I take her walking which seems to help. She happily sits patiently to have her harness or coat put on. Hopefully, from Monday she will be okay to start doing longer walks on the Trails.

Since she arrived she has not made any mess, has been completely clean (asking to go out) and has not chewed or damaged anything. She sleeps downstairs in a basket in the dining room and once I go to bed at about 10 pm I don't hear a sound from her until I get up at about 7 am. She is keen to sniff the cat but he has taken over the top two floors and rarely comes near her!

All in all, she is happy, waggy, friendly and very keen to learn. I think that we were meant to find each other.

Thank you again. I noticed you had a CAESSR sticker in your car, are they available to buy?



Hi John

Just to let you know that Snoop has settled well in now and we have fully bonded.

He has put on a lot of muscle in his legs and chest and is fully off leash retrieving balls - we have also been away to Dolgellau and walked the Precpice walk as well as others off leash and he went to the sea - which was hilarious as he chased seagulls for miles - tried to drink salt water and then made a very funny face - tried to swim from Fairbourne to Barmouth then changed his mind ! He is such a character and leaves everyone he meets smiling or laughing their heads off!!

I have had some dogs to board too and that has worked well - as long as they dont come near his tea!! he has been very good too and he gets on well with other dogs and people including children - he just wants to be everyones friend !

I am so pleased I took the plunge and thanks to you and the dog behaviourist we are doing ok and have a good routine and understanding - He seems to be having the puppiehood he didnt have before and for that I am so grateful and empathetic - in fact it has been a good and healing experience for me too!

Kind regards

Cherie and Snoop the Loop !


Just to update you on Isla.

Isla has settled in very well, she has quickly become part of our family.

She loves playing with her duck in the garden although it has lost its squeak now. She likes to charge around the garden chasing the birds or squirrels.

We have taken her on holidays. She enjoyed camping in Cornwall, she loves the sea and chasing other dogs along the beach although she wasn’t sure about the wind blowing the tent.

Her recall is getting better, when we blow the whistle she usually comes back after she has finished following a scent or playing with a dog.

Woodland walks are the best, she loves running off to explore but catches up with us when we whistle or runs back to check we are still around. When we shout stay she sits or lies down near to us.

Isla still pulls a lot on the lead as she finds life so exciting but we have bought a new harness that helps her walk to heel. We have got a personal trainer giving us top tips of how to get her to walk better and come back quicker. Work in progress!

Thank you for choosing us to rehome Isla. We love having her live with us. She's great with the girls and we all enjoy family trips out with Isla!

Hope you like the photos and you are welcome to pass this on to her previous owners.

Thanks Louise & Iain.


Hi Ian and Di,

Here are two pictures of Misty for your Gallery.

We re-homed Mister (as he was previously called) on Monday 7th September 2015 and he’s been a real delight ever since. He’s very affectionate and loves his food and walks. Misty is now 13 years old and yet still plays youthfully with our two other springers Dylan and Buddy.

We re-homed the treasured Molly on Friday 14th February 2014. She died, aged 14yrs, on 29th July 2015.

Best wishes to you and to John, and hoping that all goes well with CAESSR,

Richard and Nikki

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