Hello there,
Here’s a little update on 'Bandit'.... who has now become Jasper!

Our new trainer thought it would be a good idea to give him a new name, so I've honoured him by naming him after my first rescue (that's four dogs back)... He just like the old Jasper - a total bundle of energy and mischief wrapped up in a butter-wouldn't-melt look!

Whilst he clearly remembers his old mummy and daddy, the little lad has settled in amazingly - he's now having recall training with me on a long line (he seems to have pretty good recall, except when there are other dogs about, so I'm taking no chances) and begins a six-week training course with us tomorrow night (Thursday).

Alex works, but as I’m retired, I’m at home with him all day and we're doing about 7 miles a day on walks; in between he spends his time curled up in the knee-hole of my desk while I work at the computer - where he is as I write this, looking for mischief! I say walks, but in truth a lot of his exercise is accomplished at about 60 mph, with me on the end of his long line. So I’m quite fit now and have lost a lot of unwanted pounds!

He's also very taken by going to the pub with me for my daily pint and having a couple of beef crisps (beef crisps are MY favourite, so he isn't over indulged), and when I look at him around teatime and say 'pub?' he sprints to get his lead off the stairs. He’s allowed in the back room of the pub and has already become the darling of it, and the centre of attention by all.

He is a bit timorous of new men, especially tall ones, but he’s fine after a few minutes. One of these is his Uncle Martin, my best friend, who is perpetually on our doorstep bringing him treats!

He still has his biggest surprise to come yet - we're just getting his feet under the table before taking him to see his new canal boat; maybe this weekend. I shall get some pictures...

We had a few settling-in issues, with toilet and such, but he's a very smart, splendid little lad who is very keen to please. Having overcome almost all of those inside a few days, he’s set up for a great life. Here are a couple more pictures of him, along with his pretty mum and ugly dad!

Best wishes, Jasper, Alex and Jim


Hello John,

Darcy is settling in very well and meeting the local dogs on our walks by the river Coquet. In fact, today she was running free as she is so good off the lead.

She is meeting older children on the walks as it is half term and Darcy is accepting them very well, especially when a treat is on offer.

Darcy is booked into my local Vets tomorrow for a quick health check and ensure her incision is healing as expected.

So, all is going very well and we are both pleased that she is such a good and happy little dog.




Good afternoon Di

An update about Pippa

She has settled in very well made herself at home. She has lost weight steadily and is now down to 15.4 from 16.65 when we 1st had her weighed. Enjoying 2 walks a day getting fitter ( can now jump up on the settees which she finds to her liking), stairs present no problem now and her temperament os very good.

Still on eye medication will keep you informed. 2 pics attached 1 month ago 2nd one last week 1st



Good afternoon Di

An update about Pippa

She has settled in very well made herself at home. She has lost weight steadily and is now down to 15.4 from 16.65 when we 1st had her weighed.

Enjoying 2 walks a day getting fitter ( can now jump up on the settees which she finds to her liking), stairs present no problem now and her temperament is very good.

Still on eye medication will keep you informed.

2 pics attached 1 month ago 2nd one last week 1st



Hello Ian and Di

MaxMax was registered at my Vets this morning and was checked over again and pronounced a fit and healthy boy. My Vet entered all previous information onto his file. He had a worming tablet with his dinner tonight and after 3 days will have Advocate applied.

He is settling well, getting used to my routine and his walk routes. He's very sociable with people, children, dogs etc. He's had a hair cut, pic attached, eating well, very affectionate and good company.

We start training classes next Wednesday. He's eager to please and we are both smitten with him he's a joy to have in our lives.

Thank you

Best wishes



Hi Ian & Di

Update on how Lucy is going, she has just had her yearly booster injection and MOT at the vets. The vet said she is in good heath heart and lungs OK, but a small fat lump that is being checked, but vet is not worried about as it is not causing her any problems.

We notice as she is now nearing her 10th Birthday she likes to have a few rests when going for walks around the woods where we live (I suppose it happens to us as well as get older), but she will take off after a rabbit or squirrel like a whippet (She's never caught one yet).

Lucy still enjoys going away in the caravan, since about this time last year we have been to St Neots in Cambridge, Winchcombe in the Cotswolds.

So far this year we made two trips to Bristol, a site near Daventry, Boroughbridge in Yorkshire, Clitheroe, Horsley in Surrey, Craven Arms in Shropshire and Lincoln. We will be going to Lake District, Cotswold's and North Wales soon.

Lucy loves to explore caravan sites, (looking for rabbits mainly) but then just lays at the door of the awning just watching the world go by, she may occasionally gets up to say hello to someone passing by.

When we stay in these areas we go on trips in the car, bus or train (she acts like a regular commuter) visiting various towns and places of interest etc. but when Lucy gets a bit tired and needs a rest she will drag us into the nearest pub so she can have a sleep under a table.

We love having the company of Lucy she is so funny and she has many friends in the area both doggy and human.

Best wishes to you all.

Andy Janis and Lucy Scott.

Attached some pictures that you may use for calender etc.

PS 9/10/17

We have now been on holiday to Kendal, Chipping Norton and North Wales, Lucy loves running around the beach and she went on boat trip around Lake Windermere.

When we was in London, overseas visitors came to us to stroke Lucy and wanted photos taken of themselves with Lucy. These have gone back to various countries.

Andy Janis and Lucy


Di, Ian and John,

We just wanted to let you all know how Ellie is getting along after her first two weeks with us.

Ellie came to us with not much known about her background, having been in effect abandoned at a local vet practice with a bad dislocation and very underweight. Following treatment and spaying she was fostered for seven weeks by Mark and Debbie who got her weight back up to a satisfactory level to be re-homed.

We had been without a dog since the death of our dear old springer Charlie, four years ago, and we were beginning to forget how much of an impact a lively young spaniel has on family life! Such energy and excitement! Ellie soon found her feet, and began to relax and settle in very quickly. Although she was quite nervous at first, she is now tightly bonded to both of us and follows us around the house and garden like a little shadow, usually trying to lure us into play or fuss. She is learning the basic commands quite quickly and we are working hard on her recall so she will be safe when we can let her off the lead outside the garden. Despite some early worrying signs Ellie now travels very well in the car and we are building up to longer journeys gradually but she is calm and well behaved.

A big and very pleasant surprise is how happy she is in the company of our grandchildren (6) with whom she will play endlessly, much to their delight! She has made great strides in socialising with other dogs and is now quite reliable and well-mannered. Ellie was well behaved at night from the start and we never hear a peep from her after lights out!
We had begun to forget the pleasures, rewards and fun of owning one of this very special breed, but Ellie has brought it all back.

So thank you Di, Ian, John, Mark and Debbie, and all at CAESSR for bringing us together. Also a specially big thank you to Mary and Bill who did our home visit and have acted as friends and mentors and kept our hopes up while we were waiting for a match.

With all best wishes in your future work.

Bob, Judy and Ellie



A brief update.

Had a couple of nice walks today albeit on the lead as Stan is still a bit nervous. Not sure how much countryside he has seen? He needs to get to accept us as his new owner. In addition, walked him around a town to see how he behaves; all ok.

He is displaying some anxiety traits but we are confident that we can sort this out along with his crying at night which does not last too long.

Also, had him checked by our vet and we have put him on their pet plan which they run themselves and we have always found it to be excellent.

He is a bright boy and already he is walking on the lead without pulling which is a joy and novel experience!



Hi Di & lan

Monty is settling in well, he is getting three walks a day, he barked for the first time Today saying hello to another spaniel on one of his walks. He is sleeping well he tells Us when he needs to go to the toilet.

All the family love him, and he is fit and healthy he is having a bath tonight so we will see how that goes



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