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We have an ever changing number of Spaniels in our care. Those published below are only a selection of those looking for their “forever” home. The old and young, alike, are not immune from searching for that special someone to look after them.


Monty is a 9 month old Liver and White Springer, who is more Liver than White. His owner is no longer able to care for him. Monty is quite a shy dog. He hasn't been around children and hasn't had much contact with other dogs. He has no cat experience. Monty is house trained, but needs lots of socialisation and to be taken to puppy class. He pulls on the lead. When off-lead he is beginning to return to his name being called. He becomes a bit stressed when traveling and when left home alone just for an hour or two.



Jak is nearly 2 years old and is a black and White Springer. He is a tall dog with long legs and is too powerful on  the lead for the lady of the house to manage. There has been a change of circumstances in the home with extra work hours and a health issue. Jak has good recall and is getting his exercise by being taken to where he can run off-lead. Jak is good with visiting grandchildren. He can be wary initially of strangers and doesn't like them patting his head - he jumps away. He needs to trust a person before receiving fuss. At present he lives with a female Springer so may need to live alongside another confident dog. He has no cat experience. He travels well in the car and can be left home alone just for short periods.



Stannis (Stan) is a 2 year old Liver and White show type Springer. Stan is suffering with terrible separation anxiety since his owner's work hours have changed. Having been told by neighbours that he howls and barks, his family filmed him when he was home alone and they are very upset at seeing him so distressed. Stan is quite a large Springer and is best of friends with the child that he lives with. He is good with other dogs outside the home, but has no cat experience. He pulls a lot on the lead with excitement, but is walked on a halti lead. He is very obedient off lead and doesn't wander far from you. He travels OK, but can cry for a few minutes before settling.



Louis is an energetic 7 year old chap who is looking for an active home where he can bounce around in the fields by day and cuddle up with a soft toy by night.

Louis is a happy chap who greets everyone he meets with a big smile and a wagging tail. He simply loves his toys and once he has found his favourite- usually a soft toy- he will carry it around to show it off to everyone. Louis is typical of his breed and enjoys sniffing about his surroundings and exploring with his nose. Louis is not used to living indoors, so will need new owners who can be patient with him and help him settle in slowly.

Louis is a bouncy boy with lots of pep in his step. He is sure to bring laughter and affection to the right home.
He is looking for experienced owners who are used to the working spaniel type and are keen and able to provide him with the ongoing mental and physical stimulation he needs.

Louis is being rehomed by Battersea (Brands Hatch). Please call them on 01784 494443


Casper is a 6 year old Liver and White Springer. He has come to CAESSR via the RSPCA from a home where the family were moving into rented accommodation and couldn't keep a dog. Casper is brilliant with people and is a very loving dog. He has lived OK with a child with learning disabilities. He has no cat experience, but has lived happily with a Jack Russell terrier. Casper has not been walked for over 3 years, but was left to roam the garden. This has caused him to have a problem when meeting other dogs when outside the home. He needs gradually to be socialised again with other dogs so he is looking for experienced owners who are willing to work with him. Casper loves to play ball and is good at the vets and when being groomed. He travels well in the car. He is used to constant company as the owner's disabled Mum lived with them. We now feel that Casper may be better to be given an outside life. He is happy at our kennels. In a home, he jumped on a sofa and growled at his new owner. This happened a couple of times. The couple have grandchildren visiting so returened him to CAESSR.


Nelson is almost 4 years old and is a Black and White working type Cocker. His owners have a 2 year old daughter and are expecting a baby and can't give him the time and exercise he requires. Nelson is jealous of the toddler and doesn't like her in his space. He is OK with a visiting 10 year old. He is quite protective of his home and barks at visitors and can bark at people walking past his home. He has not lived with a cat and is OK with other dogs he meets on walks - he doesn't take much notice of them. He pulls a bit on the lead and he has brilliant recall. Nelson has always been nervous of getting in the car. His family now have a Land Rover and he seems OK in the back. He doesn't like traveling in a crate. He can be left home alone for short periods.

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