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We have an ever changing number of Spaniels in our care. Those published below are only a selection of those looking for their “forever” home. The old and young, alike, are not immune from searching for that special someone to look after them.



Sooty & Sweep are 11 year old show type cockers. They are very bonded and are looking for a retirement home together, with financial support from CAESSR. Sooty is female and black and Sweep is male and is black & white. They need a new home as their owner is very poorly and her husband works long hours. They are good with children and friendly towards other dogs but have not lived with a cat. They travel well in the car and are OK if left for short periods. They will be visiting our vet for health checks before rehoming.



Scooby is a 4 1/2 year old golden working type cocker. His owner has passed away and his present carer can't keep him. Scooby used to live happily with an older female dog and comfortable if left home alone for short periods. Now he hates being left. Scooby is quite a nervous dog who likes to follow his owner around. He doesn't like loud noises and can be spooked e.g by a child approaching on a skateboard - so it is difficult to trust him off-lead. He can be possessive with items he picks up in the home but he is easily distracted. He doesn't like being patted roughly. He loves travelling in the car but can protect the car by barking if left in it alone. He has no cat experience. He is OK with children but may enjoy a quiet home. Scooby is behaving very well at kennels. CAESSR is looking for a special home for Scooby. He is very happy in kennels. He is very friendly with the kennel staff and OK with the dog next door to him. However, when homed alongside an elderly female cocker, he bit her twice. Scooby is very possessive with items that he picks up and insists on raiding the kitchen bin. We are looking for someone who can give him an active rural outdoor life with an outdoor kennel to use if necessary.


Copper & Rosie are 3 year old working type cocker spaniels who are litter brother and sister. Copper is black and tan and Rosie is red. They are looking for a new home toegther as their owner has moved into rented accommodation and can't keep them. They are used to older children and good with other dogs. They have not lived with a cat. Copper walks quite well on a lead and is good when off-lead unless Rosie decides to run further away. Rosie pulls on the lead and her recall needs a lot more training. They can be left for short periods. Copper travels well but Rosie has been sick on a couple of occasions.


Missy is a 9 year old golden show type cocker who needs a new home as she is not getting on with the other female cocker in the home. Missy is a lovely friendly dog who is used to children and other dogs but has not lived with a cat. She pulls on the lead at the beginning of a walk and then settles down. Her recall is good but is better later in the walk when she begins to tire. Missy has a few fatty lumps that have been checked. She travels well in the car and can be left for short periods.



Max is a 3 year old black cocker who is part working type and part show type. He needs a new home due to a change in family circumstances. He is used to the teenaged children that he lives with. He likes to play with other dogs but has not lived with a cat. He likes to play ball but will not always drop it for you to throw again. He can be possessive with a bone or large chew. He pulls on the lead initially but is then better and his recall is good. He is fine when left for an hour or two but he doesn't like travelling in the car but is not sick. He hasn't been on a long journey. He sits on the seat and wears a dog harness.

CAESSR has tried to rehome Max. We are now looking for someone with lots of cocker experience. Max destroys bedding so sleeps in a plastic bed with no blankets. He is brilliant with people and other dogs when out and about but he is a nightmare in the home. He is possessive with shoes and slippers etc. and guards his bed.


Skye is a 3 year old blue roan springer x cocker. She needs a new home as she has bitten a 3 year old child. The child went to fuss the dog and was not badly hurt. Skye would be best homed where there are no children or visiting children. She has no cat experience and also needs a home where she will be the only dog. She can be aggressive to other dogs when out walking. However, she has stayed with a neighbour and her two dogs when the family were on holiday and she was fine eventually with those two dogs. Skye has slight hip dysplasia and needs plenty of exercise to build up the muscle. She pulls on the lead. She is good off lead but the family have started to muzzle her due to her aggression towards other dogs. She travels well in the car and can be left for short periods.


Squiggle is a 6 year old liver & white springer. He needs a new home as both his owners are now working long hours and Squiggle is spending too much time home alone. Squiggle is used to children. He is used to being the only dog in the home and he ignores other dogs when he is off lead. He has not lived with a cat. He loves his walks and likes to walk ahead of the group but he does pull on the lead. He loves being off lead. He tends to make a large circle around his family and comes back when called. Squiggle can be very protective of his family and of his home. All family members need to take part in his care - giving him food, walks and play. He is good when left home alone for short periods. He travels well in the car but can whine for 10 minutes or so until he settles.

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