We have an ever changing number of Spaniels in our care. Those published below are only a selection of those looking for their “forever” home. The old and young, alike, are not immune from searching for that special someone to look after them.



Bailey is an 8 year old liver & white springer. His owners failed to collect him from a boarding kennels. When he arrived at the boarding kennels, it was obvious that he wasn't being fed properly and he was very fearful of people. The kennels have been working with him but they don't have time for more individual care. Bailey's fear aggression has improved a lot. He is very good with other quiet dogs. He loves his food and treats and is very clean and well behaved in the kennels. He is now getting individual help with Gail at Mid Wales Dog Training (see Gail's Facebook Page). He will be looking for a special home in mid July.

To my dog training friends who might be able to help - looking for a home for Bailey.8 year old ESS. Had an abusive and neglectful home, was left at a boading kennels and never collected. They worked wonders with him and he could be groomed and handled but was still worried about his collar being touched and would bite if he had no warning of being touched. He has now come to me to be assessed for CAESSR as to whether he can be re homed. He is very bright and quick to learn and I am taking it very slowly with him. He is a lovely friendly happy chap and really wants to trust. Shouting makes him hide and some things make him freeze. Ideally I believe he would be best with one owner who could work with him where he had little demands put upon him. He is happy in a kennel/crate for when visitors come. He is not interested in other dogs. He is 'clicker' conditioned and loves learning. For safety reasons he would not be suitable for a home with children and his new owner should be well versed in training and reading body language. A big ask I know but would be grateful if this could be circulated. I fear the only other option is one I do not want to contemplate. I am unable to keep him much longer due to other committments. Please see the videos I am posting on my Mid Wales Dog Training pages. Any prosective homes need to go through CAESSR.



Scooby is a 4 1/2 year old golden working type cocker. His owner has passed away and his present carer can't keep him. Scooby used to live happily with an older female dog and comfortable if left home alone for short periods. Now he hates being left. Scooby is quite a nervous dog who likes to follow his owner around. He doesn't like loud noises and can be spooked e.g by a child approaching on a skateboard - so it is difficult to trust him off-lead. He can be possessive with items he picks up in the home but he is easily distracted. He doesn't like being patted roughly. He loves travelling in the car but can protect the car by barking if left in it alone. He has no cat experience. He is OK with children but may enjoy a quiet home. Scooby is behaving very well at kennels. CAESSR is looking for a special home for Scooby. He is very happy in kennels. He is very friendly with the kennel staff and OK with the dog next door to him. However, when homed alongside an elderly female cocker, he bit her twice. Scooby is very possessive with items that he picks up and insists on raiding the kitchen bin. We are looking for someone who can give him an active rural outdoor life with an outdoor kennel to use if necessary.


Izzy is about 7 or 8 years old and is a liver & white springer with a docked tail. She has been rescued from a home where cats are the priority. Izzy has a lovely temperament. She is used to cats and she has had puppies the the past. Her teeth are OK and she has had a blood test as she has some fur loss. All is OK and she has been wormed and treated for fleas and has special shampoo for regular baths for the next few weeks. She seems to travel well in the car.


Lucy is a 4 year old liver & white springer. She needs a new home due to a change in family circumstances. Lucy is a brilliant dog but she howls and cries when left home alone. She is used to children. She has lived with a cat and she is good with other dogs. Lucy has lived with the present owner for about 2 years and was rescued from her first home where she had a litter of puppies and was locked in a shed. Lucy pulls a lot on the lead but she is good when off lead. She travels well in the car.


Tilly is a 4 year old blue roan working type cocker who is possibly part show type. One of her owners is disabled and the other is elderly and they can't give Tilly the time and exercise that she deserves. Tilly is OK with children but tends to keep out of the way of very young ones. She possibly needs to be the only dog in the home. She doesn't like another dog in her space although she is OK with other dogs on walks. She has no cat experience. Tilly is good on and off the lead. She can be left for short periods and travels OK but hasn't had much experience.



Max is a 3 year old black cocker who is part working type and part show type. He needs a new home due to a change in family circumstances. He is used to the teenaged children that he lives with. He likes to play with other dogs but has not lived with a cat. He likes to play ball but will not always drop it for you to throw again. He can be possessive with a bone or large chew. He pulls on the lead initially but is then better and his recall is good. He is fine when left for an hour or two but he doesn't like travelling in the car but is not sick. He hasn't been on a long journey. He sits on the seat and wears a dog harness.

CAESSR has tried to rehome Max. We are now looking for someone with lots of cocker experience. Max destroys bedding so sleeps in a plastic bed with no blankets. He is brilliant with people and other dogs when out and about but he is a nightmare in the home. He is possessive with shoes and slippers etc. and guards his bed.


Skye is a 3 year old blue roan springer x cocker. She needs a new home as she has bitten a 3 year old child. The child went to fuss the dog and was not badly hurt. Skye would be best homed where there are no children or visiting children. She has no cat experience and also needs a home where she will be the only dog. She can be aggressive to other dogs when out walking. However, she has stayed with a neighbour and her two dogs when the family were on holiday and she was fine eventually with those two dogs. Skye has slight hip dysplasia and needs plenty of exercise to build up the muscle. She pulls on the lead. She is good off lead but the family have started to muzzle her due to her aggression towards other dogs. She travels well in the car and can be left for short periods.


Betsy is a 5 year old black working type cocker. She needs a new home as she has started to fight with the other female cocker in the home. Betsy has quite a nervous personality but once she trusts you she is a very loveable dog. Betsy is used to teenaged children. She hasn't lived with a cat. She is quite afraid of other dogs as she was "pinned" down by a large dog when she was a puppy. She will back away or bark at them. Betsy pulls on the lead but her recall is good. She travels well in the car and can be left for short periods.

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