We have an ever changing number of Spaniels in our care. The old and young, alike, are not immune from searching for that special someone to look after them.

To view a dog you must first make an appointment through the Homing Team.



Juno is approximately 4 years old and is a gold & chocolate working type cocker. Her family found her wandering when they were on holiday in Crete. They found a foster home for her in Crete and paid for her vaccinations and passport for her flight to the UK when she was able to come. The family have now had Juno for a month and unfortunately she is being aggressive to their elderly female dog who is almost blind and deaf. Juno guards food and her bed from the elderly dog but is not aggressive towards the family or to other dogs when out on walks. They think she needs to be the only pet in the home. She pulls a lot on the lead initially. The family haven't tried letting her off lead yet. She travels well in the car and can be left for short periods.


Megan is approximately 11 or 12 years old and is a liver & white Springer. She has come to CAESSR from an elderly couple where in recent times she has not been given the attention and medical care that she needs and deserves. Megan used to be a very loyal working gundog and has lived outside in a kennel and was much loved. However, she deserves a loving cosy retirement home. Megan had an enormous mammary lump that has now been removed. She also had a chewed up tennis ball inside her that also needed to be removed. She is recovering well in a temporary foster home. Megan is looking for a permanent home fairly close to our base as she still needs dental surgery. She has a lovely personality and is good with other dogs. She is being house trained in her foster home. She travels well in the car.


Molly is a 5 year old small black show type cocker. She was handed in at a local vets as she was found wandering alone. Her owner was traced and the vet was told that she was no longer wanted by the owner as he was unable to look after her. The vets groomed her as her coat was in a bad state and she has been vaccinated and health checked. Initially Molly was very frightened but she has settled in with CAESSR and seems to be a lovely dog.

Molly displayed fear when visiting our vet. She needed to be muzzled so that the vet could check her ears, eyes & teeth. We are not sure whether she is spayed. We are looking for an experienced home fairly close to our base so that she can return to our vet to be spayed if required.


Marley is a 3 year old liver & white Springer with his full tail. He was bought as a puppy by the owner's son as he wanted to go beating with on the local shoot. The son lost interest and Marley has been living in an outside kennel with a German Shepherd dog who was eating most of the food. Marley has come to CAESSR. He is a little thin and may need some house training. He is very friendly. He pulls a lot initially on the lead. He travels well in the car and was good at the vets. He is a typical young energetic Springer.

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