We have an ever changing number of Spaniels in our care. Those published below are only a selection of those looking for their “forever” home. The old and young, alike, are not immune from searching for that special someone to look after them.



Oscar is an 11.5 year old Golden show type Cocker and Millie is a 4.5 year old Golden show type cocker with a Blond head and ears. They are looking for a new home as their owner has recently passed away. Oscar and Millie have always lived together and are very bonded so they need to stay together. They have not had contact with children, but show no problems when out walking. They are good with other dogs, but have not lived with a cat. They have not had a lot of experience of walking on the lead along streets. Oscar is now coping well, but Millie is still nervous of traffic, but is improving. Millie enjoys being off-lead and her recall is excellent. However, Oscar is deaf, but will return when he sees you with outstretched arms. Both are excitable travellers and need prompting to wait in the car until allowed to get out. They are now learning to be left home alone just for short periods.

Urgent RUBY


Ruby is a 9 1/2 year old golden working type cocker. She needs a new home as she is anxious around the toddler in the family and there is a new baby expected soon. She seems to be frightened of young children and tries to avoid them. Ruby has spent time with the owner's Mum's dogs and she is fine but can be possessive with treats and bones. She will take them to her bed and sit on them and growl at the other dog. Ruby tolerates an outside cat. She has a few separation anxiety issues and can bark if left home alone too long. She is good on and off the lead. She is on medication for a weak bladder. She travels well in the car. Ruby is looking for a quiet loving retirement home.



Lola is a 2 year old Liver and White Springer. Her owner is moving from her farm to a town and she doesn't think that Lola will cope. Lola is used to living with another older dog, who will be going with her owner. She hasn't had any contact with children and has no cat experience. She pulls on the lead. Her recall is good. She can be left for short periods, but has always had the company of another dog. Lola has a problem with travelling and is sometimes sick, but her owner hopes that she will grow out of it as she grows older.



Sam is just 7 years old and is a Liver and White Springer. He has recently become distressed at being left home alone for any length of time. The owner's daughter used to help when they were at work but she has become disabled and can no longer care for Sam. Sam is very sensitive to loud noises such as thunder storms and fireworks. He is better now with the vacuum cleaner, but still gets distressed when the bin lorry comes. Sam adores the man of the house. He is very good with visiting nieces and nephews. He is good with other dogs and would possible like to live with another dog. He is also used to cats. He pulls on the lead. His recall is fairly good and he loves going for car journeys.



Maisy is a 6 year old Black working type Cocker with a white flash on her chest. Her owner wants to start work again and doesn't want to leave Maisy home alone for long hours as she gets stressed. She doesn't bark or be destructive, but she paces and won't relax until the family return. Maisy is an affectionate and active dog. She is used to children and other dogs and is OK around cats. She is quite good on the lead. She is very good off-lead and will come when called, but will panic if she looses sight of you. She travels well in the car.


Rory is a 2 year old red working type cocker. His owners cannot get him to walk well on a lead despite professional advice and one of his owners is having problems with his knees. Rory will try and chase the cars when he is lead walked. He is brilliant with children. He has not lived with a cat. He is OK with other dogs when he is off-lead but his recall needs more work. He can be left home alone for just short periods. He is a very energetic dog and is a restless traveller.


Zeus is a 4 year old light golden, large show type cocker. He needs a new home due to a change in working hours which means that Zeus would be left for long hours on his own. Zeus has been around children of all ages. He has no cat experience. He is used to being the only dog. He is good with other dogs outside the home but has shown a bit of aggression when other family members dogs have visited the home. He pulls on the lead. His recall is trained but sometimes he is slow to return. He travels well in the car and can be left for short periods.


Ruby is a 6 year old Black Springer x Cocker with White on her chest. Ruby is very much loved by her owner, but new baby is expected and they don't think that she will cope. She is very protective of her family and is wary of strangers. She makes a lot of noise, but has never attacked anyone. Ruby is looking for an active, experienced owner. She hates cats. She loves her ball, but doesn't always retrieve. She is partly trained to the whistle and will recall, but she is easily distracted. She has met other dogs on shoots and is fine, but is a bit wary initially. Ruby knows how to walk to heel. Recently, she has lived in an outside kennel, but she used to sleep in the kitchen. She travels well in the car and can be left for short periods. Her owner describes her as a flighty dog!

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