We have an ever changing number of Spaniels in our care. The old and young, alike, are not immune from searching for that special someone to look after them.

To view a dog you must first make an appointment through the Homing Team.

Urgent LOKI


Loki is a 12 month old dark liver & white Spaniel X. He has come to CAESSR via another local rescue so that we could find him an appropriate spaniel home. He has already had 3 homes with people who didn't understand the breed and their energy levels. He is quite a vocal dog who pulls on the lead. Loki has been with foster carers for a few days and he socialized well with their dogs. He seems to understand basic commands and travels well in the car.



Squiggle is a 7 year old liver & white springer. He needs a new home as both his owners are now working long hours and Squiggle is spending too much time home alone. CAESSR is looking for a special home for Squiggle. We think he is a "one man or woman dog". Once he trusts that person, he will "protect". He doesn't like another person coming into his home. He also doesn't like walking past other people with dogs when he is on the lead. We are told that he is good when off lead. Also that he is good when left home alone for short periods and that he travels well in the car. We are looking for an experienced person (or couple) who are looking for a project! He is a lovely dog.

Squiggle has been with us for a while now. Although he is getting regular attention and walks he is looking quite sad in his kennel. His problem can be quite easily sorted out by our behaviourist once he is in a home (Please visit where you will find a link to a facebook video). Squiggle can be available as a foster dog for a trial period with that experienced person or couple who we are looking for.


Bryn is a 9 year old liver & white springer. He needs a new home as his owner has sadly passed away. In the past he has had some gun-dog training. Bryn is a friendly boy but he hasn't had contact with children. He is good with other dogs but has not lived with a cat. He is still a very lively boy who likes to carry a ball around and he can retrieve. He loves his toys. He also loves his food and he will re-call very well if you have a treat to offer. He pulls strongly on the lead. He is house trained and lives inside. He travels well in the car and can be left home alone for short periods.


Jaspa is a 7 year old black & white show type cocker. He needs a new home as he is not compatible with the other older male cocker that he lives with. Both dogs are very attached to the owner's husband and Jaspa is attacking the other dog if he gets too close to her husband. Both of the owners are getting hurt when trying to separate the pair. Jaspa needs to be the only dog in the home getting all of the fuss and attention. He is used to the owners grandchildren. He is good with other dogs that he meets on walks. He has no cat experience. He is good on and off the lead. Jaspa travels well in the car. He howls a little when left home alone but hasn't been left for more than an hour or two and has always had the other dog for company.


Patch is a 4 year old chocolate roan working type cocker. One of his owners is now seriously ill so Patch needs a new home. Patch is a very active young cocker who needs more exercise and activity. He is getting bored. If visitors come, he won't leave them alone. He wants them to play all the time! He is used to teenaged children. He is good with other dogs but can get too friendly and they snap at him. He doesn't live with a cat but he seems to ignore the cats that he sees. He is really naughty if given a soft bed. He will destroy it. He is better sleeping on a firm cushion. He can be easily distracted if he picks up something he shouldn't have. Patch walks well on a lead and can retrieve a ball. His recall is OK but he hasn't been off lead very much. He travels well in a car and can be left for short periods.


Charlie is a 20 month old black working type cocker with a white bib. The owners have five grandchildren the youngest being 3 years old. Charlie plays with them but he can growl and snap at them. He has never bitten. Charlie is OK with other dogs but doesn't like very young ones jumping over him. He possibly needs to be the only dog in the home. Charlie has no cat experience. He can be a bit naughty destroying the post. He walks quite well on the lead and has had some training classes. He is walked using a harness. He needs more training for off lead. He can be left for short periods. He travels OK but can whine initially.


Polly is an 8 year old black working type cocker with white on her chest. Her owner has no time or money to care for Polly properly as she is expecting a baby very soon. Polly is a very affectionate dog who needs lots of cuddles but she is deaf and has separation anxiety issues. She will howl and whine. Polly has only been in her present home for a year. She had been used for breeding and had never previously lived in a home. Polly is very good with the child in the home. She would possibly benefit from being homed alongside a quieter mature dog. She has no experience with cats. She walks nicely on the lead. She is learning hand signals and will come back if off lead in a safe place. She travels well in the car.


Hubert is a 12 year old black show type cocker. He needs a new home due to a change in family circumstances. He is very anxious when a small dog visits for half of the week and the two dogs fight over food. Hubert is not used to children or cats. He is still quite spritely for his age and pulls a bit on the lead. His recall used to be good but he is now a bit deaf. His sight is not good in one eye. This may be connected to a car accident in 2015. Hubert travels well in the car and can be left for short periods.

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