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Charlie GBNF5

Dear Diana, John and Ian,
Just to let you know that lovely Charlie, who we got from you in about 2010, went over the rainbow bridge on Friday 4th March 2022 at the grand old age of 15.5 !

He wasn’t an easy dog for the first few years of his life with us in North Yorkshire- he didn’t like to be touched by people he didn’t know, and would sometimes snap at my children’s friends if they tried to cuddle him, but we persevered with him with the help of a dog behaviorist and he mellowed into a delightful old man, as you can see from the photos taken last Christmas and on his last family holiday in February in Devon, just before he life got too painful for him.
He shared his final couple of years with Loopy Lily, an ESS bred by my daughter, and who jollied him along, together with the other dogs in our extended family.

He became more and more deaf as he grew older ( which at least stopped his distressing anxiety with thunderstorms and fireworks!)and more and more lame with arthritis, despite eye watering bills vet bills for medication and herbal remedies, until one day on a short walk, he just couldn’t get up any more, and we knew it was time to say goodbye. We’d already arranged for the vet to come to the house when the time came, as Charlie hated the vet touching him and always had to wear a muzzle to be examined, and we didn’t want him to leave us that way. So he went over the rainbow bridge in a very calm and dignified manner, surrounded with love at home.

So, thank you for letting us take him on. We wish you well for the future.

All the best ,

Chris and Mike


Dear Ian, Di and John

Benson gbnf

It is with a heavy heart that I write to let you know that after 3 years of utter spaniel joy, we had to say goodbye to Benson yesterday.
He brought so much fun into everything we did and everyone knew his position as my favourite child.
Benson developed a limp in the summer which we initially thought was due to chasing a cat but sadly turned out to be cancer.
We all loved him dearly and will always be grateful for the fun he brought into our lives.

Elise, Duncan and the three less favoured children


Mylo gbnf

Good Morning Di and Ian,

With great sadness I wanted you to know that my handsome Mylo was put to sleep yesterday.  You will recall he came from a house with 2 acres near Uttoxeter.  Something we always reminded him of.  He was a bit scruffy,sad and not so handsome when we got him but bringing us together made us all happy.  He thrived as much as he could, having a degree of kidney failure when he first came to us.  His coat became black and shiney and I spent lots of effort on keeping his eyes, ears and teeth in good order.  He had regular vet care and loved the company of Rosie (from Egypt) as well as his two dinners each day.  He was not hard to please and just liked the simple things in life.  One of his particular loves was spending time in his camper van.  I enclose pictures of him on his holiday to the outer Hebrides where he enjoyed his freedom running along the deserted beach. Maybe he had not been on a beach before?  Of course, the house is not the same without him but he brought us joy and I hope we brought him joy in return,
Many thanks for bringing us together
Kay , Kevin and Rosie


Meg gbnf2

Very sadly, 4 days past her 15th birthday there was really no other option but to let her go, quickly and peacefully, with us stroking her and telling her how very much she was loved. Meg had been coping well on the whole with her arthritis, with librela every month, anti-inflammatories, painkillers, supplements, hydro, laser - you name it. But over the last couple of weeks she'd been getting more and more picky over her food (and she was always a total hoover), and her walking was slower and slower. Yesterday morning she really couldn't walk very well at all, and an emergency vet appointment revealed a mass on her spleen which was almost certainly bleeding into her abdomen, along with a significant heart murmur.

We are absolutely heartbroken, as you can imagine. It's so hard to believe she's gone, after being our darling girl for over 11 years.

We are fairly sure that, in time, we will be ready for another dog. It will be another rescue spaniel, and obviously we will be thinking of CAESSR dogs. In a few months time, if you come across a dog who might suit us, could you let us know? But for now, we need to grieve.

We loved her so, so much, and we're so grateful for our CAESSR girl. 

Catherine Whatmough


Alfie gbnf3


I thought I would let you know that my wonderful cocker spaniel who I adopted in 2013 had to be put to sleep on the 23rd of June. He had been slowing down a lot in recent months and collapsed at home in the garden. The Vet could not do anything unfortunately so he was put to sleep.

Wishing the Rescue all the best for the future.
Shirley Hall.

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