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We had Masi for almost 2 years and despite his behavioural issues, that we could regretfully not cope with, Masi was a real outdoor dog who would love to roam fields for hours and despite these long walks in the fields he never got tired! He loved water, mud, cow pat and anything grubby coming in from his walks filthy!!! He was so special and loving when indoors he would snuggle for hours on the sofa with everybody including our daughter who was 4 months at time and always found his way onto the bed in the middle of the night whilst we were asleep. (His favourite sleeping position was across our necks)! He loved his 'Missus', his beloved pink poodle and playing football. His favourite treat was ice cubes!!! Every time he heard the freezer door open he was there for an ice cube.

We still miss him soooo much and were devastated when we heard that he had passed away - although it explained a lot of the issues that we had with him. He was one of a kind and we treasure the short time that we spent with Masi and the good memories that we have of him.

We're thankful that CAESSR was willing to take Masi in and were going to help him (and that there exsists such places), and we are sure that if CAESSR had the chance they would have helped him become the dog that we wanted - and matched him to happy home. In the future we hope to get another dog although we sadly don't think that we could have another Cocker Spaniel. If we changed our mind we would be sure to come to CAESSR. Thank you for caring for Masi for the short period you had with him.



Just over 12 months ago (Sept 2010) we were lucky enough to adopt Max. If I remember rightly he came in with his brother Monty.

It is with the deepest sadness that I am writing to let you know he passed away 10 days ago very suddenly. He was great the evening before and enjoyed his walk as usual, but passed away that night with no prior signs of illness. He was such an amazing little man, who played for hours with our little boy. He will be so so sadly missed.

We have arranged for a private cremation and intend on scattering his ashes on one of his favourite walks, I hope this is OK with you. The vets suspect that it was a heart attack or stroke. I am truly heartbroken that we lost him so soon, I thought we would have had many more happy years together.

I suppose at times like this, we have to be grateful for small mercies, he went peacefully in his sleep and was at home with us. I fairly sure the last 12 months of his life were his happiest and he certainly brought a smile to our faces with his funny little ways.

I'm sure you can understand that now is not the right time for us to adopt another dog, but when the grief has settled, should we decide to adopt again, rest assured we be in touch.

R.I.P Max

Nicola, Tim & Jacob


Hollie came to us when she was six months old. She had been abused and neglected and was a very frightened little girl. She drove me to distraction at first .... running off up the mountain, chasing sheep, cats, rabbits and putting on spanny ‘deaf ears!’ However, she became the most gentle and patient dog you could wish for. Last year she got her passport and we took her and Bramble to France for a month in the campervan. This year has been a struggle for her. Over the past 12 months she has 4 strokes but got over them, deteriorating a little with each one. Each morning we would go for our walk and she had to be in front, leading the way. On our way back home, there was a stream, where she would run down the grassy bank to have a drink and lie in, to get her belly wet before coming home for her breakfast! I am going to miss my beautiful companion who supported me through happy and sad times. However, as she was such a giving little pal, we are going to give another spaniel a ‘forever home’ You never ‘replace’ a dog you’ve lost but give a home and love to another, to share the next part of your life with.

Cheers – Jude xxx



Poppy was a beautiful and lovely natured dog who we were lucky to foster for a week while she was undergoing treatment at the vets. Unfortunately, she was far more poorly than anyone knew and was diagnosed with cancer of the liver and spleen and had to be put to sleep. We will always remember her.

Helen, Mark, Rachel and Robbie


Sadly we lost Jenny who came to us via John - a lovely old girl of over 15 years of age.

A very sad story, the day the owner brought her to us was a very upsetting day. He opened the back of his car to lift her out - I said what is that harendous smell? He said its the dog. I said put her down so she could walk to our porch. Oh she cannot walk! He put her down by our front door took the duvet off her. Cristine and I sobbed our hearts out. Her claws were over 2" long her coat 4" to 5" long that had grown through the excrement. Her front elbows were bleeding where she had to heave herself up to get around in an outside pen of which she was left in for over 2 years.

Instead of hating men she showed us affection. We could do anything with her. So in less than a week she was gorgous.

We had her 81/2 months - the change in her was unbelievable. In a month she knew her walking and feeding times. A very sad and long story.

Tony & Christine

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