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Charlie gbnf4

We have this week had to say Goodbye to Charlie and let him run over the rainbow bridge. He was 13 ½ years old and apart from getting a bit slow on his walks people were always surprised and thought he was younger.

You let us adopt Charlie (was Bradley) in August 2011. He has been such a good dog taking everything in his stride apart from travelling, he never did like the car but we are lucky as we were a short walk from fields and the woods which he loved, especially the rabbits! He wasn’t a dog that barked he preferred to make a lot of noise when he was asleep, probably actually catching the rabbits.

He started to slow down around 2019 with arthritis in his back legs which was managed with medication, he then had two lumps removed which were cancerous and then during lockdown the vet diagnosed vestibular disease. He was doing well and only had the occasional episode but then he had trouble with his back legs so he had hydrotherapy which helped. This week he didn’t want to go out for his walk which was very unusual and in the evening he had a seizure, took him to the vet who stabilised him but he wasn’t getting any better in the morning so we had to make the decision to let him go.

It is still raw at the moment but we have our memories and some lovely photos of him and we still have Alfie (who we also adopted from you in 2014) to help us heal.

Thank you all at CAESSR for all the work you do and for letting us have this wonderful dog for nearly eleven years.

Sharon and David


Honey gbnf


I wanted to let you know that sadly we had to say goodbye last Friday 8 July to Honey, adopted with her daughter Sky (were Holly and Sweep) in November 2011.

She was 14 years old and was a lovely character. We thought we had lost her in February when she lost the use of her back legs after trying to jump on a bed. We nursed her, bought a doggy pram and she gradually started walking again. She was a bit wobbly but determined to get out for her walks.

Her decline was quick. It seemed like she was telling us it was time.

Thank you for allowing us to take her home with us 11 years ago.

Kindest regards




Good morning,

Just wanted to let you all know that sadly we had to let Nellie go over rainbow bridge last evening.

We adopted her from you in April 2012, picking her up from the vets just after being spayed. She came to live with 2 older brothers, Morgan and Freddie, and slotted in perfectly. She'd met all of the springers we've brought into our home over the years and remained in charge to the very end. Unfortunately she was stricken with both hip and elbow dysplasia together with osteoarthritis and though we considered hip replacements because her front legs were so compromised we decided to make her as comfortable as we could for as long as we could with pain relief supported by hydrotherapy. Over the last couple of weeks it became clear that her legs had all but given up on her but stoically she tried to carry on.

Nellie was one in a million and she's left a huge Nellie shaped hole in our hearts. Thank you for letting us give her her forever home.

Kind regards



When we adopt a new doggy member into the family , we all probably presume that we are going to outlive them. But when the day comes and they leave us forever, we can never be prepared for that indescribable pain that we feel however many times we've been through the journey before!!

The utter helplessness and emptiness!!

And as it is now with my wonderful Megan who came into our lives in October 2019!!

From the day she arrived she took over! Every couch , bed , cushion, pillow chair she commandeered!

Although she enjoyed her walks - into everything always - she was a true couch potato!!

In the evenings when I settled into my recliner chair to watch TV she would jump onto the neighboring stool and slide over my shoulder onto my knee with her bum still on my shoulder and there she would remain all evening long!!! She was definitely " MUMMY'S Girl" !!!

At the end of December 2021 she vomited one afternoon ( well dogs do occasionally ) but within three short weeks cancer was confirmed and we made the awful decision!!

I was cradling her on my knee at home in her favourite recliner chair when the time came! She knew how much I cherished her!!

I have my other babies with me at the moment thank God but to say that Megan was special is an understatement !

What a character and what a privilege to have had her in our lives although for such a short time - two years & three months!!

I spoke to Di yesterday on the telephone and I thank you all at Caessr for everything you did to save Megan from the neglect she was suffering before I knew her - You are all angels!!

And please be assured - she could not have been more loved, cherished and adored!!

Thank you CAESSR for the wonderful , unforgettable time I had with Megan!!

Difficult to imagine at the moment but the time WILL come when I can look at her picture without this awful sense of loss that I'm feeling now!

Love you always Megan!!!!

Hilary & Mike


It's with a very heavy heart our lovley Charlie ran over the rainbow 🌈 Bridge on 4th December.
Myself and my mum would like to thank John Powell for giving us 7 happy years with Charlie
He was a gentle loving boy sent from heaven sleep well baby boy.

Leesa and Melissa

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