Gone But Not Forgotten


After 11 years passing since Charlie was adopted from Caessr  It is with an extremely heavy and heartbroken heart to have to report of Charlie’s impending passing.

Having fallen ill in the past 7 days we, our family have had numerous conversations with vetenarians and following extensive medical treatment and blood tests carried out he has been found with kidney failure and given the only real option of sending him to his eternal sleep.  This has quite understandably left all devastated by the news and we are rallying around him with renewed vigour to ensure his last moments are filled with all the love we can muster. I myself have a very heavy and painfilled heart as I considered him my best buddy and we’ve had numerous happy walks and adventures together. I am not looking forward to Tuesday but I do draw some comfort in the fact that we all were so privileged to  have him as part of our family.

In tribute of our lives shared together, his last moments will be carried out at home where he will have the comfort and warmth to carry him on to his next journey. He will always play a role in our lives even if only in memories.

From all of us. We thank you for introducing us to this wonderful soul who we came to love and adore over the years.

Kindest of regards




November 3rd 2021 and it is with a very very sad heart that I have to inform you Bailey ran across the Rainbow Bridge.

He passed away in my arms.

Took him to vets today with cough, organised heart scan & xrays next week after vet carried out a thorough examination.

But it was not to be.

Rest in peace my darling Bailey.

You will be sorely missed 😢

Alan and Kay




Our love story.

Buster blustered into our life just over a year ago. This sprightly, incredibly handsome gentleman in his what was perceived to be elderly years, (at a mere 10 years old) was a total bundle of energy, character,love and unbelievably intelligence. Age as it is said is only a number, certainly true in Busters case.

On arrival to his ‘retirement home’ he quickly dashed around the house , ‘enjoyed’ his own meal though questionable if tasted at all as it was consumed at such a frantic pace,he then proceeded to steal his new Dads roast chicken dinner!

After giving his new Mum an absolute gorgeous smile he assumed his passionate advances would be well received! He very quickly realised this was unacceptable but cuddles and love were really the best way forward and cuddles in abundance ensued!

Busters smile was just remarkable,adorable and unforgettable.’ I love your smile’ was his mantra and saying/ singing that he would just beam! His sneak attacks comprised of leaning in for a cuddle with his favourite toy, Mr Banana in his mouth, staring hypnotically in your eyes, suddenly dropping it and smothering his victim with licks.

We walked miles every morning , his excitement and enthusiasm whilst being ‘kitted up’ was a sight to behold. Circling at great pace with his banana in situ, lassoing his harness over his head whilst grappling it from his mouth was an art in itself.

Biased as we may be he was so special, he was loved completely and I know he loved us, rescued from poor living conditions he thrived, gained confidence and made friends, both doggie and humans over time in the village.

He was initially intimidated and somewhat scared of men and would be submissive to most other dogs outside of his home. He gained confidence, trusted Brian, his Dad,an amputee recovering during lockdown, (both had stumps as Buster had a very short docked tail so they both had something in common!). Over time they spent more time together and this gave Brian such incentive and determination to be able to walk Buster. Having to adjust to the use of prosthetic leg during lockdown at times when physiotherapy was not available was difficult in itself but he rose to the challenge, especially when said dog pulled like a freight train whilst on a lead!

Busters sudden illness was rapid, aggressive, unexpected, devastating and heart wrenching To have only a year of love, care and attention leaves us at times so bereft. It seems so incredibly cruel and unjust as he was so active and young.The only solace we have is we were all so incredibly happy together and the memories fondness and laughter he brought mean so much to us.

We feel so privileged and honoured that Caessr gave us the opportunity to care and love him, and allowing him to spend his remaining time with us. Forever in our hearts,

RIP special smiley boy.

Sue and Brian



Holly came to us through John on Saturday 23d October 2010, after introductions, a short walk from the kennels to see if we liked each other and then home she came. lt was obvious from the start she didn’t like car journeys and promptly wet the floor on entering the house but she didn’t do that again until recently when her health really started to fail.

Holly would tolerate car journeys when it resulted in long walks in the woods, across the fields and around the Lido ending in a sausage at the Lido cafe then sleeping all afternoon until dinner time!

Holly grew with my grandchildren being the same age as Daniel my grandson. When they had school holidays with, me, Holly loved it playing in the garden and of course the long wood walks. One day in particular springs to mind, Holly chased Daniel around the garden, up the steps of the
slide and followed him down it, PLONK on the ground, then carried on the chase. lt only I had had a camera ready!

Some years ago Holly had a cruciate operation on her back leg which was successtul but eventually arthritis set in and progressed over the years. Holly remained active until December 2020 when she had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis which really knocked her back. She did recover well under excellent veterinary care but the walks she had enjoyed were now out of the question. Old age had caught up with her, other ailments took there toll and at 15 1/2 years old our aim was to keep her pain free, but time ran out.

It was obvious Holly was suffering not only with arthritis but also dementia, her “odd” behaviour indicated this, it was breaking our hearts.

On Monday 18th October 2021 Holly passed away peacefully in my arms, a place she had often fallen asleep at night when sleep for her was difficult.

We had our ups and downs with Holly but she was our life and leaves us with many happy memories, like all dogs, a very unique personality, mischievous, cheeky, loony but most of all so affectionate, would love a cuddle, loved to lay in the sunshine and loved people.

Many Thanks, kind regards,

Madeleine and Barry


Very sadly we had to say goodbye to Tilly (Tilly May when we met her) last month.

Apart from arthritis she had remained in good health and was still very energetic but unfortunately she developed a tumor on top of one of her front paws. It grew quickly and was inoperable (we were not prepared to consider amputation at her age) and then while we were on holiday she broke the skin and her paw soon became infected despite everyone's best efforts.

Tilly was a wonderful, affectionate family dog and we feel blessed to have had her for seven years. She made human friends wherever she went and strangers were constantly commenting on how pretty she was and how youthful she looked.

We are all missing her terribly and finding it hard to readjust to 'life after Tilly' but at least we have so many happy memories and hundreds of photos of our time together. I attach one quite recent one of Tilly destroying her last 'pheasant', one a long line to suffer the same fate!

I hope all is well with you and everyone at CAESSR.

Best wishes,


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