Gone But Not Forgotten


We wanted another dog, I’d given up work as all I could get was in London and travelling there every day was too much. We’d also recently taken over the lease of a cottage with half an acre of land and I was creating a garden from a field.

My wife, bless her, decided I needed a dog, we had owned a springer when we were first married and he was wonderful, we had another who died whilst in someone else’s care shortly after the first one. She contacted Caessr and a lady came to see us, I answered the door and spoke to the dog she had with her first, she went round our garden, came in and chatted over a cuppa, then left.

3 days later I had been out working for the National Trust and walked in to “We’ve been accepted and there’s this dog on their webpage and we’re going to Stoke on Saturday to see him” I looked at the picture and wasn’t impressed! But she (who will be obeyed) had spoken.

We drove from Cambridgeshire to a kennels outside Stoke, don’t ask me where, I’d never find it again! Into reception and spoke to the man I became to know as “John”, he went off and came back, sorry was dragged back, by a black & white scraggy dog which was chewing his way through a tennis ball! We took him for a walk along a very busy “lane” and towards a field with some horses. I dared not let him go and eventually we returned to the office. John was still busy, I handed over the cash in my wallet with a promise of more to follow and loaded this bundle of life into my car. I did not own an estate but a Car with an adaptable rear end so we could treat it as an estate even though it was a high spec saloon.

In the car he was well behaved, we later found out that he was an ex-police explosives sniffer dog , who was obsessed with tennis balls and had been sacked by the police for too many “false finds”. Well it gets a bit expensive when you call out the bomb squad because he wants to play with his tennis ball!

We had to re-equip ourselves with all the necessities for keeping a dog, including a lead, collar & tennis balls!

So began many happy years with the most faithful, adorable and handsome Dog I’ve had the pleasure to care for.

We worked together building a garden, well I threw balls and he dug the odd hole to hide them!

He rapidly became “My Dog” although he loved his mum to bits.

On his first night in our house because we live slightly isolated, I would not shut him in the kitchen, so by degrees he made his way upstairs and eventually had his own shaped pillow both sides of the bed with his own mattress my side. He never tried to climb on the bed, in fact if he was put on it he would jump off!
He went everywhere with us, basically if you wanted to see us he came along and after creating mayhem settled down just before time to go home.

Caessr asked us if we would ‘vet’ people in our area who wanted to adopt, why not? We were asked to visit a fairly new good sized house, beautifully furnished and decorated. It was summer and all the internal doors were open, he went through the whole house like a dose of salts every room and eventually he went into the garden and brought in a plant pot, yes lovely beige (I think) carpet and there’s our dog, soil on his feet trying to chew on one of the husband’s embryo Bonsai plants!

Apparently they did go on to foster one of Caessr’s dogs! Why? God only knows!

After many years of running on beaches, digging sand and getting everything out of life, he passed away last night. You know I feel sorry for the Almighty, he really doesn’t know what’s going to hit him! The most gorgeous, lovable, independent minded, dog he will ever meet.

John and Judy




Sadly, Buddy was put to sleep recently after a gradual decline with liver failure. Although I feel very sad now, the purpose of this email is to let you know what an absolutely fabulous companion he has been throughout the last 10 years. He's been such a lively character and definitely a cheeky boy, always on he lookout for treats, which neighbours would love to offer him! He enjoyed company but found boisterous children a bit too much, and I did learn that if he came up to me and put his head on my lap it was not to express his love but to say 'Mum, get me out of here!' Over the years we have had lovely holidays, especially in the Lake District, Northumberland, and many times in Suffolk and on Exmoor where he absolutely delighted in swimming in the River Barle, looking as sleek as an otter! Close to home, in his younger days he often swam in a little bit of the River Severn as well as springing through fields of wheat and barley (whoops!).

I miss Budddy very much now but I do have lots of lovely memories of the times we had together. And especially, I'm very grateful to you for enabling me to adopt him. He gave me so much fun, and I hope I gave him lots too.




 John, it is with the greatest of sadness that my beloved, beautiful, strong, gentle special girlie Lily passed away in my arms on Tuesday. I am devastated, and crushed. She was my absolute world and my best friend. Such a beautiful gentle special girl, it is so unfair. She had cancer tumours the worst of which were on her colon and it was this that she succombed to a month after diagnosis. I cannot believe she is gone I just can't.

I wanted to write to let you know - I had the honour to love and look after her for this past nearly 3 years and it was truly an honour John. I remember seeing her for the first time at the Vets and I knew, she had a love of life and a wonderful outlook. I don't know what to say or do at the moment - I cannot even go out for a walk it is so so painful.




Over eight years ago we adopted Candy who became ‘Red Alert’ or just ‘red’ from you. She was a very nervous little dog who took her courage from our 6 year old Cocker, Harvey.

In November we had to say goodbye to Harvey at the grand age of 15. It was sad, but expected. We were all a little lost. Red had adjusted well with lots of fuss and walks to encourage her to make new doggy friends so we were considering a companion for her, but she was diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitus. This was a sudden shock, and after much discussion in the family, we decided that we would not let the end of her life be filled with stressful medications and treatments as she was nearly 11. We did what we thought, and John the vet agreed, was the kindest thing.

Kind Regards

Rachel and Linda



Miley had to be put to sleep yesterday. She was only 5 and a half, and came to me on 14th December 2016. She was my life from then on until 14th December 2020. 4 beautiful years, a very loving dog who love me as much as I loved her.

She went off of her food for a couple of days, went to vets and then specialist vet hospital where she had MRI, CT SCAN and Lumber puncture to find she had a tumour wrapped around her spinal cord. I could not put her through major op for it just to grow again or fail anyway that I gave her anything she wanted and intense palliative care with full pain relief but had to let her go. Heartbreaking, we were soulmates.

Thank you for these 4 years with Miley my beautiful Springer, I love them, they are beautiful little people.

All the best, keep safe

Anne Ringer in Memory of Miley

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