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Dear John,

It is with great sadness that I have to let you know that we recently lost Oscar. We discovered a lump a few months ago that was diagnosed as cancer but Oscar did not know he was ill and kept on running, splashing and wagging his tail as per usual. He had regained a bit of weight after becoming very skinny and it looked as if he would go on for quite a while. Unfortunately, being Oscar he charged into a hedgerow as was his style and got a thorn in his eye and within a few hours his eye had turned a milky white.

After consultation with vet the only option was to remove the eye, but after further consultation with the opthalmic specialist it was felt that given Oscar's underlying condition he would be unlikely to make a full recovery from such an operation and that the best course was sadly to put Oscar to sleep.

It was a very difficult and heart breaking decision, he had filled out lives with love and mud but he went off whilst still a happy dog after a lovely walk running in the fields, it would not have been fair to make him suffer the operation and then had to do the same thing. He was a special dog and will be with us always.

Graham & Lyn



Dear John

I would like to thank CAESSR for giving me the pleasure of adopting Henry back in May 2010. It is with much sadness and devastation to tell you that I had to let Henry go a few weeks back due to a sudden health issue. I would like to think i gave him a loving, caring and active life which as far as I know wasn't what he was used to. He gave me (and my growing family) much joy for the past, nearly 6 years with his 'grumpyness' as I called it and his puppyish, goofy ways even at the age of 12. Henry was such a character and spoilt rotten. I miss him so so much, as does my other cocker. Our house feels empty without him and very quiet, as he put all the noise into our home!

I wouldn't hesitate to adopt another rescue dog from yourselves. At the moment I need time, even now to come to terms with my loss.

I have attached a picture....or two, of my handsome boy.


Claire and family


Dear John,

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to share that a few weeks ago, I had to put Charlie to sleep.

He had a long list of medical problems, but had been doing really well up until the end when he became in pain. He died peacefully in my arms, and I miss him so much.

To focus on something positive, I did an online fundraiser in memory of him and in support of the Cocker And English Springer Spaniel Rescue. I raised US $1,218 (about £863), and I know you'll be able to put this to good use.

I will be looking to adopt again, but need some time to properly grieve Charlie and also recover from a recent operation. I hope to start looking again for a cocker spaniel near the end of November, beginning of December.

I've attached my favourite photo of Charlie and me.

Best wishes,




Dear John

I write to let all at CAESSR know that our lovely Cocker Spaniel Guinness had to be put to sleep last week. Guinness had been diagnosed with kidney disease and after bravely soldiering on for a many weeks we finally decided that he had suffered enough. He was just short of his tenth birthday.

Guinness came to us in April 2012, and quickly became not just a part of our family, but central to it. He took to country life with relish, enjoying long walks in the nearby woods or along the river, and loved the local beaches. He would spend many hours laying in the sun, barking in a friendly manner at anyone who passed our garden to let them know who was boss.

Guinness was almost permanently in a sunny mood and seems just happy to be alive. He would often lie in the living room seemingly fast asleep, but if anyone in the family laughed, or spoke his name his tail would wag, giving the game away. It was when his tail stopped wagging that we know it was time.

We only had Guinness for four years but we feel privileged to have shared a part of our lives with such a lovely, good natured dog.

Very Best Regards

Niki and Nick


We adopted Bertie from yourselves in February 2011. He fitted immediately into our home and was much loved. He was wary of other dogs when he first came to us but became a little more sociable with others the longer we had him.

He was best friends with my daughters 2 dogs, Millie and Freddie, another springer and a staffy. They were inseparable when out on walks/runs together. Bertie discovered he could swim and loved nothing more than a swim in a local disused reservoir before taking off in to the hills.

Sadly Bertie died in January but he will always be remembered and I thank all at caessr for allowing us to look after him.


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